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Paul Wind

Knockaloe Camp internee, Isle of Man

Record type: First World War Internees

Biography: Compound 1. Named in an article about a play in compound 1. Named in an article about a "song festival" held 1.10.1916, spoke the words to a prologue. Named as the director of a play. Played Sherlock Holmes in a production of "The Hound of the Baskerville". Recited 2 poems in a Celebration evening for the Birthday of Kaiser Wilhelm II on 20.1.1918 in Compound 1. (M 31544 Lager-Zeitung 7.10.1916, page 3. L/Z 18.11.1916, page 2 & 3. L/Z 22.12.1916, page 3. etc. B.115/2xf Internment Scrapbook, volume 1, page 58. Volume 2, page 213.)

Gender: Male


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