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Wilhelm Schmeider

Epithet: Douglas Camp internee, Isle of Man

Record type: First World War Internees

Biography: Director of an evening of music and drama performed at the Knockaloe Camp Theatre 5.4.1915, 1.11.1915 & 26.12.1915. One of the editors of Quousque Tandem, one of the camp papers. There is a picture of him in Quousque Tandem October 1915 page 12. Received at Douglas Camp from Knockaloe Camp, Peel 3.4.1916. Wrote and performed in the play Hans Huckebein performed on the 23.5.1916. Director of a Revue performed in Douglas Camp. Performed in the play "Flachsmann Als Erzieher" performed 6.6.1916. Performed in the farce "So'n Windhund" 9.7.1916. Brought before the Camp Commandant 9.10.1916 for creating a disturbance etc. on 7.10.1916 (Saturday). Evidence was taken and he was remanded until 10.10.1916. 10.10.1916 on hearing further evidence Col. Madoc decided that another was equally to blame, so he dismissed the case and ordered the 2 men to make it up. Performed in several camp theatre productions. Wrote an article for the 1916 Christmas edition of Lager Laterne. Wrote an articles for Unter Uns. etc. Transferred to Spalding 11.12.1918. No. 1532 from Anglo-German list. Ref. 1780/01. For repatriation at Spalding 20.12.1918. Ref. 228/1731. Douglas Camp internee number: 4401. (MS 09310 Douglas Alien Detention Camp administration and discharge register; page 138 & M 31544 Das Schleierlicht No. 1, May 1916, page 4. D/S No. 2, June 1916, page 4. D/S No. 3, June 1916, page 4. D/S No. 4, July 1916, page 4. Lager Laterne 8.10.1916, page 4. L/L Xmas, page 14/15. Unter Uns 1.7.1917, page 2. etc. MS 09395 Koblenz ref R67/1776-1794 (Vol. 2), section 2, page 30. MS 09395 Koblenz ref R67/1731–1745 page 45. B115/3f Werden, Easter 1915, page 4. B115/3f Quousque Tandem Oct./Nov.1915. B.115/2xf Internment Scrapbook, volume 1, page 23,25,47,48,53,55, 57,64,68,69,76,80,81,85,87,91,97,98,103,111, 113,119,120,125,131,133,139,142,147,148,153, etc. volume 2, page 187, 188, 190, etc. B.115/1xf Internment Scrapbook, page 89. MD 15028/2 (MS 06465) 9.10.1916 & 10.10.1916.)

Nationality: German

Gender: Male


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