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Rushen Abbey Ear Scoop and Finger Nail Cleaner

Date made: 1300-1500 AD

Description: This piece of Medieval hygiene equipment was found during excavations at Rushen Abbey. It is made from bone and is around five hundred years old.

One end has been made into a small spoon shape – perfect for scooping out wax from the ears; and the other end into a point, to remove dirt from under the finger nails.

Common perceptions of Medieval times as being dirty, disease-ridden and unsanitary are certainly off the mark for grand places like Rushen Abbey. Excavations have revealed drains to remove dirty water from the site, as well as tools like this, indicating that hygiene was recognised as being important to the Medieval monks.

Materials: bone

Date found: 2007

Object name: ear scoop

Collection: Archaeology Collection

ID number: 2007-0098/0179


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