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Charles Dickenschied

Epithet: Internee at Knockaloe Camp

Record type: First World War Biographies

Biography: Philipp Karl Dickenschied was born at Monzingen, Germany in 1877. He came to England in the 1890s and by 1911 had Anglicised his name to Charles Dickens. He ran a baker's shop in London, but upon the outbreak of war his business along with those of others with German names was attacked by angry mobs. Dickens was interned on 29 June 1915, and transferred to the Isle of Man on 6 July 1915. His son joined the British army, but his wife and other children returned to Germany, where they remained until 1920 when the family was reunited in England. (Image ref: PG/7870/37933).

Occupation / profession: Baker

Gender: Male


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