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Tarquinio Provini

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: As most of our astute readers will have guessed Tarquino Provini is an Italian - and at the age of 25 is one of the most brilliant riders that Italy has ever sent to the Isle of Man. His first TT race was the 125 cc event of 1955 in which he retired at half-distance when lying fifth, and his riding then, whilst good, was in no way sensational. Last year however, he really came on form. In the Wednesday morning's Lightweight race he picked up to third place after a bad start and beat the lap record well and truly - 8 mins 18 secs at 78.00 mph, fastest speed at which the 'Clypse' has ever been ridden. Then he had battery trouble and retired. In the 125 cc event which followed, his luck held and he won it at the record average speed of 73.69 mph with record lap at 74.44.

Back on the Continent he won the 125 and 250 cc classes of the Duth TT and made record lap in each. He broke lap records again in the same classes of the Belgian Grand Prix the following weekend, winning the 125 class and in the Grand Prix of Nations at Monza he won the '250' with record lap. He ended the season as 125cc World Champion and 250 cc runner up.

At Imola last Easter Sunday he won the 250 cc class on an MV and was second in the 350 on a Norton. Tarquinio is one of the 'official' MV entries for both Lightweight races.
(TT Special, Friday, June 06, 1958 p23)


Nationality: Italian

Competed in

1965 Lightweight TT42:25:10.0093.57Benelli
1965 Junior TTRBenelli
1964 Lightweight TTRBenelli
1964 50 TT81:30:39.6074.92Kreidler
1960 Lightweight TT32:01:44.6092.98Morini
1959 Ultra Lightweight TT11:27:25.2074.06MV
1959 Lightweight TT11:23:15.8077.77MV
1958 Ultra Lightweight TTRMV
1958 Lightweight TT11:24:12.0076.89MV
1957 Ultra Lightweight TT11:27:51.0073.69Mondial
1957 Lightweight TTRMondial
1955 Ultra Lightweight TTRMondial


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