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Albert E. Moule

Epithet: TT and MGP competitor, motorcyclist

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Age "over 21", Albert Moule comes from Dudley, and made his first appearance in the T.T. in 1948 after a distinguished "Manx" career during which he was three times a member of the winning team. He holds eight M.G.P. replicas, his best "Manx" year being 1947, when he was second in the Junior and third in the Senior. On his first appearance in the International races in 1948 he finished 17th on a Norton in the Junior to win a replica. He was lying sixth when he retired on the last lap of the Senior event.

In 1949 he was 21st in the Senior T.T., sixth in the 350 class of the North-West "200" and sixth again in the Brooklands "100" at Silverstone. He rode Nortons in both the Junior and Senior races of the 1959 T.T. He was 21st in the Junior at a speed of 78.72 m.p.h. to win a first-class replica, and 17th in the Senior to win a second-class replica. Albert also had a successful time as a member of the "Continental Circus" that season.

In 1951 he was eighth in the 350 c.c. class of the North West "200", eleventh in the Junior T.T., eighth in the Senior T.T., averaging 84.60 m.p.h, on a Norton to win a second-class replica, and eighth yet again in the 500 c.c. event of the Ulster Grand Prix, winning the War Memorial Trophy.

In 1952 he was eleventh in the Junior just missing a Silver Replica, and ninth in the Senior, well in Silver Replica time.

He relired in the 1953 Junior T.T., and crashed heavily in the 125 c.c. (when his Mondial "came apart at the seams"), suffering back injuries which prevented him from riding in the Senior.

He finished in both Junior and Senior races in 1954, in 36th and 26th places respectively, collecting two Bronze Replicas.

Riding B.S.As in 1955 he was 46th in the Junior T.T. and 28th in the Senior. In 1956 he was a non-starter in the Junior, but finished 29th in the Senior on a Norton. In 1957 he was 43rd in the Junior (Bronze Replica), but retired in the second lap of the Senior.

In 1958 he retired in the Junior, but finished 38th in the Senior with a Bronze Replica; in 1959 his luck was dead out, for he retired in both races, but last year, although he did not finish in the Junior he came home 37th in the Senior at 83.06 m.p.h. He is entered for this year's races by the Colmore Depot, of Birmingham. (TT Special, 16 June 1961, p. 6)


Gender: Male

Name Variant: Mr Moule, Albert.

Competed in

1967 Ultra Lightweight TT181:30:22.6075.15Bultaco
1967 Senior TT302:42:07.2083.79Norton
1967 Lightweight TT132:44:30.4082.58Aermacchi
1967 Junior TT332:43:10.8083.25Norton
1966 Senior TTRNorton
1966 Lightweight TT132:44:01.0082.82Aermacchi
1966 Junior TT322:42:19.2083.69Norton
1965 Senior TTRNorton
1965 Lightweight TTRAriel
1965 Junior TT452:43:02.8083.32Norton
1964 Ultra Lightweight TTRMV
1964 Lightweight TTRAriel
1964 Junior TTRNorton
1963 Senior TT412:46:55.2081.38Norton
1963 Lightweight TT163:03:42.6073.95Ariel
1963 Junior TT352:58:20.0076.17Norton
1961 Senior TT392:38:39.0085.62Norton
1961 Lightweight TTRAriel
1961 Junior TT362:39:02.0085.42Norton
1960 Senior TT372:41:59.0083.86Norton
1960 Junior TTRNorton
1959 Senior TTRNorton
1959 Junior TTRNorton
1958 Senior TT383:06:39.2084.91Norton
1958 Junior TTRNorton
1957 Senior TTRNorton
1957 Junior TT433:16:30.8080.65BSA
1956 Senior TT293:08:52.0083.91Norton
1955 Senior TT283:04:48.6085.75BSA
1955 Junior TT423:16:48.0080.53BSA
1954 Senior TT261:57:59.0076.76Norton
1954 Junior TT362:19:29.0081.16Norton
1953 Ultra Lightweight TTRMondial
1953 Junior TTRNorton
1952 Senior TT93:02:41.6086.74Norton
1952 Junior TT113:13:45.0081.79Norton
1951 Senior TT83:07:20.0084.6Norton
1951 Junior TTRNorton
1950 Senior TT173:12:08.0082.48Norton
1950 Junior TT213:21:19.0078.72Norton
1949 Senior TT213:22:48.6078.14Triumph
1949 Junior TTRNorton
1948 Senior TTRTriumph
1948 Junior TT173:32:55.0074.43Norton
1947 Senior MGP32:54:26.0077.89Norton
1947 Junior MGP23:04:49.0073.5Norton
1946 Senior MGP53:13:29.0070.23Norton
1946 Junior MGP73:11:25.0070.98Norton
1938 Senior MGPRNorton
1938 Junior MGP43:00:09.0075.41Norton
1937 Senior MGP62:53:36.0078.26Norton
1937 Junior MGP53:04:03.0073.82Norton
1936 Senior MGP73:07:12.0072.58Rudge


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I worked at Colmore motorcycle depot in sixties as Forman mechanic when Albert was manager - John allen Report this