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Josef Pilates

Epithet: Knockaloe Camp internee, Isle of Man

Record type: First World War Internees

Biography: Interned at Knockaloe 12.9.1915. Refereed a boxing bout in compound 5 on 2.12.1916. Transferred to Alexandra Palace 16.3.1919. Ref. 1776/031. He created the basics for his popular exercise program while at Knockaloe. Born in Germany to Greek parents. He was traveling in England with a circus when he was interned. He tutored fellow inmates in wrestling and self defence. Prisoner of War Information Bureau serial number: 14001. (M 31544 Lager-Zeitung 25.1.1917, page 4. MS 09395 Koblenz ref R67/1776-1794 (Vol. 2) page 49. M 33109 B.115/146 "Civilians in a World at War 1914-1918". page 231.) Born 1883 Munchengladbach.

He appears in ICRC prisoner list 1 A 200 of November 1914. Home address shown as: 22 Melbourne Street, Blackpool, England. Birthplace: Munchen-Gladbach. Age: 30

Nationality: German

Gender: Male

Name Variant: Pijras, Josef


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