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Ernie Washer

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Age 27, Ernie Washer comes from Crawley, Sussex and is a joiner. He has been racing since 1950 abd has an excellent reputation on the short circuits; in 1956 he was winner of the Blandford 100 Junior race, while at Castletown he finished fourth in the Junior and and third in the Seniorn classes of the Southern 100. His first Island appearance was in the 1955 Junior Clubman's, in which he lay second for over half the race before being put out by a skid. He rode in the Manx the same year, using a 350 cc. AJS for both races and finishing 17th in the Junior and 24th in the Senior. In 1956 he was ninth in the Junior event, and eighth in the Senior, whilst last year, on his Norton, he was second in the Junior at 90.08 mph.

(TT Special, Thursday, September 11, 1958 p27)

Competed in

1958 Senior MGP12:26:09.0092.94Norton
1958 Junior MGP32:33:37.0088.42Norton
1957 Senior MGP22:30:48.0090.08Norton
1956 Senior MGP82:35:06.0087.57Norton
1956 Junior MGP92:42:18.0083.69AJS
1955 Senior MGP242:46:26.0081.62AJS
1955 Junior MGP172:45:33.0082.05Norton
1955 Clubman Junior TTRBSA


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I have a couple of photos of Ernie with his trophy. Happy to email them to you - Martyn Filby Report this

Hi Martyn. Ernie has recently passed. I'd love to have a copy for his daughters. Thank you so much - Tony perrin Report this

Just left Crawley and an elderly lady (101 yrs old) who knew Ernie washer asked me to look him up, could I have a photo of him for her thanks. She asked me knowing that I raced short circuits in the sixties. - Michael Madell Report this