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Jock West

Record type: Motorsport Biographies

Biography: Senior - A.J.S.
Junior - A.J.S.

Age 38, occupation, sales manager of Associated Motor Cycles Ltd., home Pettswood, Kent. “Jock” rode in 10 pre-war T.T.’s and two M.G.P.’s. He made his first professional appearance in the Junior of 1933 with an A.J.S. In 1935 “he went continental.” taking Melimann’s place in the N.S.U. team and finishing in first class replica time. Riding British again in ’36, he finished in eighth in the Senior as a member of the Vincent H.R.D. team. In 1937 he turned to the German B.M.V. with which he finished sixth. In ’38 and ’39 he rode with the official B.M.W. team, finishing fifth in ’38 and second in the historic Senior of 1939, where the trophy went to Germany, the winner being his team-mate, George Meier. Jock also won the Ulster Grand Prix in 1937 and 1938, and the Grand Prix de Frontieres in 1946. He is a Brooklands Gold Star holder.

Last Year he rode one of the A.J.S twins in the Senior. He had clutch trouble at the start, and created what must be a almost a record, lapping at under 27 m.p.h. Then he got going, however, and his fourth lap in 26 mins 39 secs, was within three seconds of the fastest of the day. He was a gallant finisher – fourteenth and last at 60.98 m.p.h.

He is again a member of the official A.J.S. team, this year in both Junior and Senior races.
(TT Special, 11 June 1948, p.15.)


Competed in

1948 Senior TTRAJS
1948 Junior TT133:29:51.6075.51AJS
1947 Senior TT144:19:52.6060.98AJS
1939 Senior TT22:59:39.0088.22BMW
1939 Junior TT303:36:41.0073.14Velocette
1938 Senior TT53:04:27.0085.92BMW
1937 Senior TT63:14:28.0081.5BMW
1936 Senior TT83:33:33.0074.21Vincent HRD
1935 Senior TTRTriumph
1935 Junior TT153:39:42.0072.2NSU
1934 Senior TTRTriumph
1933 Junior TTRAJS
1932 Senior MGP204:19:45.0052.3Ariel
1931 Senior MGPRAriel


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