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John M. Jeffcott

Epithet: Age: 64

Record type: 1881 Census

Parish: Malew

Town / Village residence: Castletown

Address or abode residence: Crofton, Castletown

Occupation / profession: High Bailiff of Castletown, Justice of The Peace, Member of House of Keys & Advocate, Coroner for Inquests

Gender: Male

Marital status: Married

Relationship to Head of Family: Head

Civil Parish: Malew

Schedule No: 101

Place of birth: Isle of Man

Birth District: Castletown

Enumeration Dist & Batch no.: 2

Filename: RG11/5607/44/16

External sources: Crofton was built in 1851 for Mr Jeffcott - William Henry Cooper' Castletown edited in 2005 by Eva Wilson: page 111 et seq.; Malew, Children's Baptisms 12 November 1854 & 10 May 1858

Name Variant: Jeffcott, John Moore

Modern Address: [Crofton, The Crofts, Castletown, IM9 1LW]


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