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Mrs Gerda Bergmann

Title: Mrs

Epithet: Rushen Camp internee, Isle of Man (1940-1941)

Record type: Second World War Internees

Biography: Internee number: 655

Rushen Camp c/o Ballaqueeney, Port St. Mary. - Date of Birth 19.1.1908 in Vienna. - Occupation Visitor - Last address outside of UK, Brit. Consulate 3, Maja 33, Kattowice, Poland. - Married. - Czech Passport 12077/38 issued Bino 2.11.38. - 18.5.39 Conditional landing at London. - 11.10.39 Exempt until further order from internment. Reigate Tribunal - Refugee from Nazi oppression. - 5.7.40 The holder of this Certificate is to be exempted until further order from internment and from the special restrictions applicable to enemy aliens under the Aliens Order, 1920, as amended. - Police Permit to proceed from, and return to, Rushen Camp, for the purpose of attending at the Court House, Douglas, on Wednesday, 30th October 1940. (Home Office Advisory Committee) (Box IOMC Movement Permits) - Police Permit dated 5.11.40 to proceed out and into Rushen Internment Camp (under escort) for the purpose of proceeding to the Court House, Douglas, for Tribunal. (Home Office Advisory Committee.) (Box IOMC Movement Permits) - 1.4.41 Leaving Isle of Man for Czech Hostel, Barrack Lane, Nottingham. - Child Vera. - Jewish Registration number 740927 issued 5.9.39 at Dorking, Surrey. DMAE 312/7.

Occupation / profession: visitor

Nationality: Austrian; Czech

Gender: Female

Date of birth: 19 January 1908

Place of birth: Vienna


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