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Skeealyn Vannin, Disk 2 Track 06ii: Speaker: Sage Kinvig, Ronague, Arbory

Date(s): 1948

Creator(s): Irish Folklore Commission

Transcript: Hymn 113: ‘A Charge to Keep I Have’

Dy hirveish Jee dy jeean,
Shoh’n raaue va currit dou,
Dy yannoo ellan veen,
Dy chiartagh’ ee son niau.

Dy yannoo mie dagh oor,
Myr ta mee gaase ayns eash:
O lhig dooin goaill seose slane E phooar
Ny Mainshteragh dy hirveish.

Cur jeeanid dou dy phrayll,
Dy voddym cosney grayse:
Shickyr, my neem my Hiarn hreigeil,
Dy bragh ayd geddyn baase.

(Transcribed by Phil Gawne, Cregneash, Rushen)

Language: Manx

Collection: Sound Archive

Level: WHOLE

ID number: SA 0579/2/6ii


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