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Skeealyn Vannin, Disk 3 Track 02i: Speaker: J.W. (Bill) Radcliffe, Maughold

Date(s): 1948

Creator(s): Irish Folklore Commission

Transcript: Fin as Oshin from A.W. Moore’s ‘Manx Ballads’

Hie Fin as Oshin magh dy helg
Fin and Oshin went out to hunt

Fal, lal, lo, as fal, lal la.
Fa, lal, lo, as fal, lal, la,

Lesh sheshaght trean as moddee elg,
With a noble train of men and dogs,

Cha row un dooinney sloo na keead,
Not less in number than one hundred men,

Coshee cha bieau cha row ny lheid;
So swift and keen, none were their like;

Lesh feedyn Coo eisht hie ad magh,
With scores of Bandogs fierce they sallied forth,

Trooid Slieau as Coan dy yannoo Cragh.
O’er Hill and Dale, much Havoc for to make,

-Quoi daag ad ec y thie agh Orree beg,
-Whom left at home but youthful Orree

Cadley dy kiune fo scadoon’n creg!
Who slept secure beneath the shadowy rock!

Slane three feed Quallian aeg gyn unnane sloo,
Full three score Greyhounds, with their whelps they left,

Lesh three feed cailleeyn dy yeeaghyn moo.
With three score old dames to attend the young.

-Dooyrt ’Neen Fin ayns Craid as Corree,
Says Fin’s fair Daughter, in Disdain and Scorn,

‘Kys yiow mayd nish cooilleen er Orree?’
‘How on young Orree shall we be revenged?’

-Dooyrt Inneen Oshin: ‘kiangle mayd eh,
-Says Oshin’s Daughter:

Lesh Folt y ching chionn gys y Clea,
‘Fast to the Harrows we will tie his Hair,

As cur mayd Aile gys y chass cha bieau.’
And to his nimble feet, we’ll set a train of Fire.’

Clysht tappee eisht hug Orree ass,
Then up starts Orree with a nimble spring

Tra dennee eh’n smuir roie ass e chass,
Feeling his feet a broiling with the heat,

Loo Mollaght Mynney ad dy stroie,
With Curses direful vowing to destroy,

Va er n’yannoo craid er Mac y Ree!
Those who presum’d t’affront a King, his Son!

Dy farbagh breearey ry Ghrian as Eayst,
Swearing most bitterly to Sun and Moon,

Dy losht ad hene as thieyn neesht.
To burn themselves and all their habitations,

-Hie Orree beg magh dys ny Sleityn,
-Then to the Mountain hies he fast away,

As Speih mooar connee er e geayltyn.
His heavy Gorse-hack poised upon his shoulders.

Hoght bart mooar trome hug eh lesh cart,
Eight ponderous burthens thence he carried off,

Hoght Kionnanyn currit ayns dagh Bart.
And eight large Faggots cram’d in ilka Burthen.

Hoght deiney lheid’s ’sy theihll nish t’ayn
Not eight such men as in the world are now

Cha droggagh bart jeh shoh ny v’ayn.
Could from the ground one of these Burthens raise.

Ayns dagh uinnag hug eh Bart, as ayns dagh dorrys,
Into each Window, he a Burthen thrust,

Agh mean y Thie mooar hene yn Bart mooar sollys.
Into each door, a Burthen of the same,

-Va Fin as Oshin nish shelg dy chionn,
But, the grand blazing Burthen, on the floor

Lesh ooilley nyn treanee ayns ollish as joan.
Of the great Hall he laid, and set on fire.

-Yaagh wooar ren sheeyney ass y neear,
-Meanwhile, our heroes Fin and Oshin hight,

Troggal ayns bodjallyn agglagh myr rere.
They and their hardy men pursued the chase,

-Roie Fin as roie Oshin, derrey d’aase Oshin skee:
Eager, in sweat and dust, all cover’d o’er.

Agh she Fin mooar hene chum sodjey nish roie.
-Vast clouds full floating from the west

Eisht dyllee Fin huggey lesh Coraa trome,
Were seen, like Billows dreadfull, as I ween.

‘Cha vel faagit ain nish agh tholtanyn lhome!’
-Then Fin he ran, and Oshin also ran,

-Quoi ren yn assee shoh nagh re Orree beg?
Till faint, and out of breath, he sat him down:

Va’r chosney voue chelleerid gys ooig fo yn chreg.
But Fin the hardy chief, still held it out.

-Raad plooghit lesh Yaagh hayrn ad magh er y chass,
The lift up he his lamentable Voice,

Calling to Oshin, who was far behind,
‘We have nothing left but rueful, ruin’d walls!’
-This mischief who has done? Who but young Orree,
Who fled, and in a rocky Cavern hid himself.
-There chok’d with Smoke, they drag him by the heels,
*(and tore him Limb from Limb (they say) with Horses wild).
* not in the Manx.

Language: Manx

Collection: Sound Archive

Level: WHOLE

ID number: SA 0579/3/2i


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