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Skeealyn Vannin, Disk 3 Track 03i: Speaker: J.W. (Bill) Radcliffe, Maughold

Date(s): 1948

Creator(s): Irish Folklore Commission

Transcript: Carval mychione Aarey Yacob (Jacob’s Ladder) from A.W. Moore’s ‘Carvalyn Gailckagh’

Shenn Jacob un laa, myr ve toollit as skee,
Old Jacob, when tired and weary one day,

Lesh clagh fo e chione, lhie eh sheese ec yn oie,
With a stone for his pillow, at night down he lay,

Ayns shen ren eh dreamal jeh aarey ec laue
And there he did dream of a ladder close by;

Ve soit er y thalloo as roshtyn gys niau.
It was set on the ground, and did reach for the sky.

Ta’n aarey foast fondagh, gyn brishey erbee
The ladder is sound, without any break,

Thousaneyn dy vleeantyn goaill sleih seose gys Jee
For thousands of years to God doth souls take;

Thousaneyn ayns shen ta ec kione nyn yurnaa,
And thousands whose journey is ended, are there,

As jeihghyn thousane chionney seose er dagh laa.
And ten thousand daily, to get up prepare.

Shiuish ooilley ta kiarit dy chosney gys niau,
All you who determined are heaven to ascend,

Gys Yeesey nyn garrey ec keayrt tar shiu reue.
At once come to Jesus, for He is your friend,

Ec mullagh yn aarey te farkiaght dagh laa,
At the top of the ladder He daily doth wait,

As nane cha bee treigit hig huggey ayns traa.
And no one who comes to Him will He forsake.

Goll seose ayns yn laa’s tuittym back ayns yn oie
Going up in the day, at night falling away,

Te jannoo yn jurnaa dy deinagh as dree;
Will make the road tedious, and cause irksome delay;

Nagh lhig dooin ve liastey ny skee jannoo mie,
Do not let us be slothful, but good work get done;

Ta’n leagh dy chooilleeney nyn gour ec y thie.
The reward will be given when we arrive home.

Shiuish ooilley ta beaghey meerooisagh dagh laa,
All you who are wantomly spending the time,

Gys niau fegooish aarey, cha jig shiu dy braa;
Without a ladder, to heaven you never can climb;

Bee’n aarey chelleeragh veih’n ooir tayrnit seose,
The ladder may quickly be drawn up, you know

Myr brelleein yn Noo Peddyr, as c’raad hig shiu eisht
Like the sheet of Saint Peter - then where will you go?

Nish roish my bee’n laa dy haualtys ec kione,
Now, in time, lest the day of salvation pass o’er,

Lhig dooin chionney geiyrt er nyn gaarjyn hie roin;
Let us earnestly follow the friends gone before

Ayns nyn eiraght maynrey dy yoinal ad reesht
To that happy inheritance, and join them again,

‘Sy voayl nee ad reill son dy bragh marish Chreest.
In that place, where with Christ they for ever will reign.

Bee lught thie nyn mraaraghyn ooilley ayns shen,
Our brethren, and families, they too will be there,

As ooilley ny nooghyn va ain orroo enn;
And all of the Saints that we knew when down here.

Cre’n yennallys anmey cre’n voggey erskyn insh,
What pleasure of soul, what ineffable joy,

Vees ain ayns ny niauaghyn tra veeitys mayd reesht.
We will have when we meet them again in the sky?

Ayns shen baillym fakin my voir as my ayr,
It would please me my mother and father to see,

Gerjoil marish Yeesey ass roshtyn dangeyr;
Comforted with Jesus, from all danger free;

As maynrey vees adsyn nee paagey nyn gloan,
And they will be happy their children to kiss,

Ayns niau raad vees ooilley nyn droailtys ec kione.
Their toiling all ended in that heaven of bliss.

Aigh vie lhieu, my chaarjyn, as braaraghyn deyr,
Best wishes to friends, and my brethren dear,

As ooilley my huyraghyn wass fo yn aer;
And to each of my sisters, who still are down here;

As reesht lhig dou fakin shiu ooilley dy mie,
But again may I see you where all will be well,

Yn laa vees ny nooghyn gys gloyr er jeet thie.
When the Saints have come home into glory to dwell.

Ayns shen cha bee skeaylley ny scarrey ny smoo,
In that place no dividing, no parting, no sin,

Agh giu stiagh gyn jerrey yn vaynrys t’ayns niau;
Heaven’s happiness ever will be drinking in,

Ard ghloyr as ard voylley gys Jee as yn Eayn,
High glory and praise be to God and the Lamb,

Son dy bragh, as dy bragh - Halleluia, Amen.
For ever and ever - Halleluia, Amen.

Language: Manx

Collection: Sound Archive

Level: WHOLE

ID number: SA 0579/3/3i


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