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Skeealyn Vannin, Disk 1 Track 03: Conversation: Harry Boyde, Ballaugh and Tom (Thobm) Braide

Date(s): 1948

Creator(s): Irish Folklore Commission

Transcript: T. Braide
Aw, shen mie.
Aw, that’s good.

H. Boyde
Va, va, va bleeaney ennagh, as va, va muckyn ain, as.. er.. v’ad
There was, there was one year and there was pigs at us and they were

cha row monney bee goll yn blein shen, as va’n muckyn currit magh ayns yn magher
there was not much food going that year, and the pigs were put out in the field,

as.. er.. cha ren, cha row shin ayns yn magher
and.. er.. we did not, we were not in the field

as ren yn fer, fer gra, c’red ta’in goll dy jannoo lesh yn muckyn shen,
and one fellow did say, what are we going to do with these pigs,

as ren yn fer elley gra, bee shin foast jannoo thie son dy cur yn muckyn ayn,
and the other fellow did say, we will get make a house for to put the pigs in,

ayns yn magher shen, as va’n gheay sheidey,
in the field there, and the wind was blowing,

as cha row eh son cur yn muckyn ayns yn, ayns yn boayl shen,
and he was not for putting the pigs in that place

as ren yn dooinney elley gra nee shin foast cur yn muckyn har…
and the other man did say we will still put the pigs in

yn traa nee’n gheay caghlaa, as ren shin cur yn muckyn
till the wind changes, and we did put the pigs

harrish yn traa ren yn gheay caghlaa, as v’ad ayn shen ooilley yn sourey,
in the time the wind changed and they were there all the summer

v’ad ayns yn magher shen, as thie v’ad cadley goll ayns thie beg
they were in that field and the house they were sleeping in was a little house

va, va jeant ain son yn muckyn
which was made at us for the pigs.

T. Braide
Row shiu rieau ayns ny magheryn soie praaseyn?
Were you ever in the fields setting potatoes?

H. Boyde
Aw, va mee soie praaseyn dy liooar, soiet ec mish, as ta mee mie son soie praaseyn,
Aw, I was setting potatoes enough, lots set at me, I was good for setting potatoes

as va ram jeh’n obbyr shen jeant ec mish.
and there was plenty of that work done at me.

T. Braide
Oh, ta shen obbyr creoi.
Oh, that is hard work.

H. Boyde
Aw, t’eh obbyr creoi, cha row eh obbyr feer mie edyr, ta sleih laccal,
Aw, it is hard work, it is not very good (pleasant) work at all, people need,

ta sleih laccal feallagh aegey nish dy soie praaseyn,
people need young folk now to set potatoes.

Cha nel eh feer mie son shenn sleih dy goll dy soie praaseyn nish
It is not very good for old people to go to set potatoes now

t’eh bunnys traa dy faagail eh son deiney aegey.
It is nearly time to leave it for young men that work.

T. Braide
Oh, ta shen kiart.
Oh, that is right.

H. Boyde
Yn, yn obbyr. Son deiney aegey.
The, the work. For young men.

T. Braide
As va shiuish thanney turmaryn neesht.
And you were thinning turnips too.

H. Boyde
Va mee, va mee thanney turmaryn dy liooar, ayns yn magher, as va magher mooar,
I was, I was thinning turnips enough, in the field, and it was a big field,

as va’in thanney turmaryn ayn, as va ceau ooilley yn laa va’in thanney yn magher shen,
and we were thinning turnips and it was raining all the day we were thinning that field,

ooilley yn laa bunnys as va mee my hassoo thanney as cooat vooar orrym,
all the day nearly, and I was standing thinning and a big coat on me,

cooat vooar mullagh er my dreeym, cha row my laueyn ayns yn, ayns yn cooat edyr
big top coat on my back, my hands were not in, in the coat at all,

ve mullagh yn geayltyn, mullagh my dreeym, as va ceau ooilley yn laa bunnys.
it was on top of my shoulders, top of my back, and it was raining all day nearly.

Va’in thanney yn magher shen, as ren shin goll tra va’n magher shen jeant,
We were thinning that field, and we did go when that field was done,

ren shin goll ayns magher elley,
we did go to another field,

as ren shin goll fo raad dy obbragh dy thanney yn magher shen,
and we did get under way with the work of thinning that field,

as cha ren shin fakin frass erbee jeh fliaghey ooilley yn traa va’in jannoo yn magher shen.
and we did not see a shower at all of rain all the time we were doing that field.

T Braide
Cha row, row monney joan goll mygeayrt?
There was not, was there much dust going around?

H. Boyde
Va chiass ayn as ve agglagh. Va ooilley yn fliaghey ersooyl yn traa shen.
There was heat in, and it was awful. All the rain was away that time.

(Transcribed and translated by Walter Clarke, Ramsey)

Language: Manx

Collection: Sound Archive

Level: WHOLE

ID number: SA 0579/1/3


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