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Interview with Tom Brew, thatcher, about thatching in the Isle of Man

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Date(s): 4 February 1978

Scope & Content: Tom Brew, one of the last thatchers in the Isle of Man, talks about thatching. Tom talks about the process of thatching and re-thatching of roofs; collecting thatching materials such as wheat straw, known as ‘bent’, by the roots on the northern coast of the Isle of Man; preparing a roof for re-thatching; method commonly used for re-thatching including common measurements; his youth in Sulby and how all the cottages there were once thatched; replacement of thatching by modern materials; evidence that identifies which houses used to be thatched; financial incentives by local authorities to retain thatched cottages; thatched cottages as tourist attractions; the extra warmth of a thatched cottage; the time required to complete a thatched roof; longevity of thatched roofs (3-6 years); requiring wild grass which grows in the sand dunes in the north of the Isle of Man; needing bundles of ‘bent’ and how the use of combine harvesters renders wheat straw too broken for use in thatching; ‘bent’ grown especially in Cregneash to re-thatch their cottages which is cut by traditional methods.

He gives further details of the process of re-thatching a roof; when in the year it is best to thatch; some older methods of thatching; and the cost of having a cottage thatched.

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Extent: 14 min. 28 sec.

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