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Interview with Leslie Quirk of Peel speaking Manx Gaelic about the Manx language and its speakers

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Date(s): 20 January 1989

Scope & Content: Leslie Quirk, born in Peel, talks about the old people speaking Manx at Weatherglass Corner who mentioned John Quirk the guide; falling in the harbour; fishing and farmers; his brother Kione Dhoo fishing when he came over in the summer; living in Seaforth when he was two-years-old and returning to the Isle of Man around 1925; attending King William’s College; Mr Stanning; Caesar Cashen speaking Manx; milk rounds in Peel and writing Manx words he heard in his order book; William Quane the poet; relationship with Caesar Cashen (died 1943); Cowley the chemist and Tom Dodd; women who spoke Manx, making food and looking after the house; mother’s stepmother who lived in Greeba; Mrs Watterson and Professor Jackson; old words that are little used now; Mrs Lowey and Sage Kinvig, her husband ‘the Contractor’ and Ned Maddrell; the Gaaue, John Tom Kaighen and Harry Boyde.

Leslie talks about the difference in pronunciation between the north and south; Philly Quayle; meeting with Kione Dhoo, Caesar and Mr Howland of Ballaghennie; Mrs Quayle from Ballagarrett; the old speakers having gone and the sound recordings of them; story told to him by his paternal grandfather about boat owners who went on holiday in a boat to Lerwick; not many Manxmen left and rich foreigners buying the land and building on it; youngsters having no interest in Manx; working for the Forestry Board in Wales; family in which the parents spoke English but children learned Welsh and married Welshmen; maternal grandmother speaking Manx at home and paternal grandfather not knowing English until he started school; John Tom Kaighen; learning Manx from his grandmother; Dougie Faragaher’s widow and reminisces about Dougie who worked hard to preserve the Manx language; and he says the old Manx people were wonderful, as is the Manx language.

Administration / Biographical History: Leslie Quirk, Manx language student (1914-2004).

Language: Manx Gaelic

Extent: 1 hr. 7 min. 4 sec.

Item name: magnetic recording tape

Collection: Sound Archive

Level: ITEM

ID number: SA 0128

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