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Photocopy of diary of Christian Elizabeth Kaighin

Date(s): 1894-1907

Creator(s): Kaighin, Christian Elizabeth

Scope & Content: The diary gives a flavour of the domestic, horticultural and agricultural work at Kerrowglass and life for many women living in the rural areas of the Island during this time. Christian records details of handicraft work undertaken including making quilts, rugs, dressmaking, knitting and spinning (examples of her work are held in the MNH quilt collection). There are frequent references throughout to family events and visits such as 'John James getting married Jan 22 1896' (he married Elizabeth Quirk at Peel). The social network of Christian and her family with friends and neighbours illustrated by visits, 'Mr & Mrs Cowley Druidale visited October 25th '06', 'Mr & Mrs Cowley Crammag visited October 8th 1897'. She notes deaths and funerals, 'Mrs Elizabeth Killey Cronk-Y-Voddy died August 1896' (aged 31). Also mentioned are named emigrants returning for visits to the family 'James Quirk & Thomas Corlett back from America November 1897'. There are frequent references to Methodist chapel events such as Kerrowglass Chapel anniversaries, outings, teas and magic lantern shows; also events at Lhergy Dhoo, Lambfell, Cronk-y-Voddy and Bayrgarrow chapels. Christian refers to events such as Hollantide, St John's fairs, markets and 'motor race Sept 27 '06'. She also notes her music lessons from a Miss Brown - in the back of the diary are accounts listing payment for music lessons, possibly for the harmonium since Christian writes 'harmonium broken 12 Feb 1901'. Sometimes Christian writes in Manx idiom.
See also MD 1362 and 1363 (MS 09171).

Administration / Biographical History: Christian Elizabeth Kaighin (1872-1951) was the daughter of Ann Cowley and Hugh Kaighin. She was born and brought up in Rhenass, German, near Peel (she writes her diary from Rhenass until 1896) and records in her diary that she moved to Kerrowglass, Michael on 23 January 1896. Christian was the sister of Richard Hugh Kaighin, William Edward Walter Kaighin, John James Kaighin and others.

Language: English

Extent: 85 pages

Item name: diary photocopy

Collection: Manuscript Archive

Level: ITEM

ID number: MS 09083

Retrieval number: MD 1298

Record class: Private

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