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Interview with Sage Kinvig, Ned Maddrell and Tommy Leece speaking Manx Gaelic

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Date(s): 9 October 1952

Creator(s): Manx Society

Scope & Content: The recording begins with Sage Kinvig reciting a Manx translation of a hymn, 'Safe in the Arms of Jesus', she then selects Matthew 21:1.

[The recording then loses clarity as two conversations happen at once. The recording stops and re-starts with the volume reduced.]

They discuss vocabulary, including 'shee' (peace/rest); pronunciation of some words. Tommy Leece tells the story of a man (Tom Jack John) being asked to pray. Sage Kinvig says she has no stories, they are all forgotten. Ned Maddrell suggests that if they came to her (Kinvig's) house and helped her with work she would have more Manx to give them. Douglas Faragher talks about the house work he does and says he doesn't have time.

Administration / Biographical History: Sage Knivig, native Manx speaker (c.1870-1962). Edward ('Ned') Maddrell, last native speaker of Manx Gaelic (1877-1974). Tommy Leece, native Manx speaker (1859-1956). Walter Clarke, Manx speaker and translator (1928-2007). Douglas Faragher, Manx speaker. Tholan Braide. J. Gell.

This recording was made by Yn Cheshaght Ghailckagh (Manx Society) as part of a collection of recordings made on 29 paper tapes from 1951-1953 by members of Yn Cheshaght Ghailckagh on a ‘sound mirror’ recording machine. The machine was owned by Yn Cheshaght Ghailckagh, purchased for them by member John Gell. Recording sessions usually took place on Sunday afternoon. In most cases speakers were interviewed in their own homes, usually by two or more interviewers.

(Information from Broderick, 'Language Death in the Isle of Man', 1999.)

Language: Manx Gaelic

Extent: 31 min. 51 sec.

Item name: magnetic recording tape

Collection: Sound Archive

Level: ITEM

ID number: SA 0032

Access conditions: All reasonable attempt has been made by Manx National Heritage to trace and request permission (where needed) from the copyright holder(s) in this sound recording. If however you think you are a rights holder then please contact Manx National Heritage.

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