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Interview with John Thomas Kaighen speaking Manx Gaelic and a choir rehearsal

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Date(s): 1950s

Creator(s): Manx Society

Scope & Content: John Thomas Kaighen in conversation, in Manx. The recording starts in mid-sentence about places along the north coastal area of the Isle of Man, particularly Bride including field names at Ballagarrett. John is occasionally prompted in English by a woman, likely to be Annie Kneale, his sister.

John talks about the Christians of Ballakeigh; how at Lough Cranstal there were 3 or 4 living in a thatched house, which was very cold, with a net (presumably a fishing net over the thatch); Ballamin (home of the Alcocks for a time); Ballakinnag (near Knock-y-Doonee) and Knockenean; smithy at Knockenean.

The conversation continues with field names at Ballagarrett Farm, including: Magher Cheu Twoaie, Magher Cheu Jiass, North Top Field, South Top Field, Down Field, Balvennee/Balrhennee [?], Magher y Muc, Magher yn Thie Muc, Cooil Thie, Cheusthie yn Ayrey, Cooil cheumooie yn Ayrey, Bwaane, Magher y Mullagh, Magher yn Qweeyll Mooar, the field they were taking the stones from - ‘yn Aaie’, Magher yn Creggan, Cabbal Magher, Keeil Magher, ‘Runt Mygeayrt’. They talk of a road called Bayr Ruagh, Bayr Jiarg and of Bayr-ny-Hayrey running out onto the Ayres. The final part (mostly in English) is a discussion of Crosby Farm, Kionlough and Shellag with a mention of crabs on the shore below Shellag.

The recording ends with an unknown choir rehearsal, songs in English, and include ‘Ellan Vannin’.

Administration / Biographical History: John Thomas Kaighen, native Manx Speaker (1862-1964). John William ('Bill') Radcliffe, Manx scholar (1917-1984). Walter Clarke, Manx speaker and translator (1928-2007).

Language: Manx Gaelic, English

Extent: 29 min. 26 sec.

Item name: magnetic recording tape

Collection: Sound Archive

Level: ITEM

ID number: SA 0041

Access conditions: All reasonable attempt has been made by Manx National Heritage to trace and request permission (where needed) from the copyright holder(s) in this sound recording. If however you think you are a rights holder then please contact Manx National Heritage.

Subject tags : #UOSH


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