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Interview with Miss Lewin about her memories as a schoolmistress and the village of Foxdale

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Date(s): between 1950 and 1970

Scope & Content: Track 1: Miss Lewin (aged 74) talks to Margaret Killip about her time as a schoolmistress in Foxdale and the village of Foxdale. She talks about Harry Quilliam of Ballakillea and his son Edward; George Moore the Forester of the Hope; Foxdale school run by Patrick Commissioners as a Board school; shopkeeper using book pages as sweet bags; tide tables, the weather and moon; concerts in the school building; Lance Kelly and Herbert and Ella Shimmin, pianist; hurdy-gurdy player with a monkey visiting Foxdale; Captain Kitto and Captain Lean and houses built by the mining company; grandmother's account books from her shop; mother, dressmaker who used Looneys for supplies; Lena Clarke; dressmakers and apprentices; Mrs Cubbon, milliner from Peel; Annie Joughin, saleswoman; Shimmins the butcher and Christmas boxes; Kennaughs from Glen Needle making butter; Kermodes selling milk; Kellys of Barrule and Donald Hastings, schoolmaster; Mr Stephen Cubbon, his family and career; Hastings’ horse-driven binding machines and Hastings going to America; Willy Quirk winning prize at the Gaelagh for poetry; mine closing in 1911; Mr Percy Hewett, headmaster from Manchester; children walking in bare feet; discipline; Cowley family of Ramsey; school inspectors from Manchester; baker from Ballasalla called Kennaugh and story about a school inspector; Mrs Hughes, teacher; story about headteacher and Miss Lewin; teaching infants and the discipline of handwriting; hot summers; children making tea and meals sent from Peel organised by Miss Douglas; Bill Jones delivering in his van.

Track 2: Miss Lewin talks about the Castletown to Douglas Road; mine workers who had crofts; mine closing in 1911 and impact on community; wives taking over boarding houses in Douglas; poor relief; prices of coal and food; pay day at the mines and the Miners' institute; George Whitaker, Clerk of the Mines and his children Lesley and Kathleen; her grandfather Thomas Johnson who worked on the mine engine and how she went down in the cages underground; tooth extraction using the engine; railway line to Ramsey and the railway coal trucks; Reverend Cringle who had shares in the Northern Railway; going to Ramsey on school and church picnics; Willie Quirk, Station Master from St Johns; going to Silverdale and Rushen Abbey in summer; Mrs Quine's at Silverdale; Ratcliffe the baker and picnics; configuration of the trains; the chemist Mr Lambert and Willy Looney; Village House in disrepair; slaughter house; food in the village; Fred Clague's bakers; village chapel; Foxdale Mission Hall and the Band of Hope; private school run by Miss Woodend; Jack Ogden, works for Partingtons; chapels in Foxdale and how miners were mostly Methodists, especially the Welsh and Cornish miners who came to the island for work; Kittos and Nicholls; slate Quarry at Barrule and workmen from Wales; miners wages and training; work at the washing floors; Billy Cowin who worked underground and went to America; miners going to Michigan; Captain Lean; cleaning ash pits and water races; mine company joiners and smithies; John Caesar Corris and Tom Johnson, joiners; chief blacksmith Jimmy Shimmin; bark from the pit-prop wood for fires; living with Grandma Bridson from Santon; mine signalling system and waste taken to the refuse mounds; lift cages and miners' helmets with candles fixed with clay; miners' flannel clothing and the changing houses; her mother, dressmaker who served her apprenticeship with the Henry Clagues of Douglas; miners' clothing; working of the engine and the steel ropes; making marbles at the clay pit and picking up needles and pins off the floor at home.

Language: English

Extent: 1 hr. 3 min. 26 sec.

Item name: magnetic recording tape

Collection: Sound Archive

Level: ITEM

ID number: SA 0105

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