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Interviews with Mr Maddrell, Mr and Mrs Callister, Mr Moore, Miss Gelling and others for the Manx Folk Life Survey

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Date(s): 1962

Creator(s): Manx Museum

Scope & Content: Track 1: Woman describes cutting the last sheaves of corn for 'The Melliah (harvest)'; harvest supper at Ballachrink, Baldwin; 'Philly the Death' and 'Matt Beg' who would play a fiddle and would tell yarns of fairies; belief in signs in relation to a funeral.

Another speaker, this time a man, talks about a blacksmith shop in Port St Mary; Neddy Hom Ruy; Milner on holiday in Port Erin and Milner’s Tower; building the Falcon’s Nest, Port Erin; fishing for pollack; renting the Calf of Man; ship running ashore at Kitterland with loss of crew; the story of the explosion on Kitterland.

Mr Maddrell talks about rights-of-way and roads; miners road; easement and Johnny Callow's well at Croit Roi; his job inspecting and valuing buildings including those badly thatched or with tin roofs which were often pulled down.

Woman speaker relates a tale her mother (Mrs Callister of Ballaragh Road Bridge) told her about how, when was young, she took a shortcut through fields and three little men dressed like sailors followed her even after crossing a stream; grandfather telling her to sing the hymn ‘Jesu the Name High Over All’ to make the fairies disappear.

Speaker tells a story about Glenmoar, Sulby Glen and Nicholas Quayle (known as Bill) who kept white hares on Mount Karrin. He tells another story about Ballaskelly and about a 'phynnodderee' (supernatural being) called William.

Woman speaker recalls reading 'Uncle Tom’s Cabin' and 'The Life of General Gordon' and other books given as Sunday School prizes; walking to Arbory School from where she lived at Ballakilpheric.

Track 2: Mr and Mrs Callister talk about Charles Wesley; having ‘the sight’ and spirits; a new binder damaged by the fairies; Mrs Brew of Rhendhoo and Thomas Kermode of Smeale and farming equipment; James Brew at Willow Grove and his binder intended for the Manx Museum.

Mr Maddrell talks about his trade as a shoemaker; the bootmakers Teddy Callister, J.J. Qualtrough, Jim Crebbin; how to make shoes and boots; Douglas tan pits and the tannery on Well Road Hill; Hudsons take-over of Cain’s; a 200-year-old armchair in the kitchen made by Mr Hudgeon of Fistard.

Mr Moore, fisherman, recalls the boats he sailed in from the age of 12; sailing to France during the First World War; the sailmakers in Port St Mary, Clucas and John Watterson.

Mrs Gelling recalls the house she lived in which had been a pub before the Big Snow in 1895. She mentions Miss Joyce and Mr Callister; a forge and an iron cutting machine; Tommy Lawson who worked at Foxdale Mine; Langness mine; old mine at Ballafurt where children later played.

Administration / Biographical History: This recording was made for the Manx Folk Life Survey.

Language: English

Extent: 1 hr. 2 min. 5 sec.

Item name: magnetic recording tape

Collection: Sound Archive

Level: ITEM

ID number: SA 0091

Access conditions: All reasonable attempt has been made by Manx National Heritage to trace and request permission (where needed) from the copyright holder(s) in this sound recording. If however you think you are a rights holder then please contact Manx National Heritage.

Subject tags : #UOSH, #UOSHManxFolkLifeSurvey


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