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Monologue by W. George Teare about his memories of Foxdale and Manx Methodism

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Date(s): 1970s, 1980s

Scope & Content: W.G. Teare (known as George Teare) talks about Foxdale as it was 60-70 years ago. He talks about the large families; [‘Glory, glory hallelujah’ music at 1 min. 56 sec.]; mining of lead and silver; poor state of the current Foxdale, ‘the city of the dead’; Captain Kittle of Foxdale mines; Harry Clarke, second in command of the mines in charge of the washers; miners’ and washers (or ‘surface workers’) wages; hours worked by the miners and the working conditions down the mine; Foxdale postman, an ex-miner who lost an arm due to mining; water channels (‘mines race’) for use in the wash and the story of compensation for a sheep drowned; decline of the mine and it closing in 1911; miner lung disease; the Foxdale marching silver or brass bands the ‘Rooks’ and the ‘Frogs’; Tom Teare bandmaster and composer; Recahabite club day and the drinking of cider; band contest in Peel Market Square; stories about Richard (‘Dick’) Quirk who played in the band including march from St. John’s railway station to Foxdale; Alfie Rushen (drummer boy) who died aged 26 of pneumonia and his funeral; talks about Foxdale once being a ‘home of Methodism’ mentioning the three chapels; Foxdale Village chapel evening service and his time as a young preacher; prayers; his grandfather Daniel Teare who was a travelling Methodist preacher; Sunday school anniversaries held by choirs in the open air and conductor W.E. Collister; Foxdale combined choir singing ‘Jesus of Nazareth passeth by’ [Teare sings part of it]; and the Friends who come over from Widnes for the Sunday school anniversary including a preacher and Job Stott. [00:38:08] Another voice heard. W.G. Teare, introduces a ‘new track’; W.G. Teare resumes and talks about ‘Mona’s’ request for him to make the recording and that it will be sent to the Revd Philip Reeves and his wife Catherine Reeves, and about a previous recording he made to be sent to America and one for Douglas pensioners; he then mentions the chapel called Gawne or Gordon (no longer a chapel) and how ‘Mona’s’ family once attended there; Lewis Moore (cornet player) and organist Quayle; Jonny Hall, fisherman, who attended the chapel and the story of his sending the lifeboat back to Peel; he recalls a comical story about a congregation’s complaints about a new, young Church of England vicar whose sermons were short and did not give them time to sleep (!); his preaching at Lhergy Dhoo chapel to just the organist and her sister who both fell asleep; visit of preacher from England, the Revd Gareth Mailer (who ended up staying in the Isle of Man), to the Douglas Methodist Circuit and Victoria Street; and his story of a honeymoon couple sailing over to the Isle of Man.

Language: English

Extent: 1 hr. 0 min. 54 sec.

Item name: magnetic recording tape

Collection: Sound Archive

Level: ITEM

ID number: SA 0139

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