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Panoramic view of Douglas

Date(s): 1878

Scope & Content: On the back of this photograph Frowde writes, '1878. The Widow's House in Muckle's Gate is just between St Barnabas' Spire and the Spectator. In 1872, when Culshaw used a (1868) survey of the town to indicate his proposed new street - a very different route to that later decided on, his came out at Bath Place), the Widow's house in the plan is described as a 'ruin'. Take a note of the date of the institution and this will give an approximate date to the original of the photo-litho plan, (Dean), published in the Herald in 1872, on which Culshaw superimposed his new street route. May 33. Culshaw's plan was taken from the 1868 survey in the nest of drawers in the Museum Library, but there are minor differences difficult to account for, it being a photo reproduction. 13.05.1933. In today's Weekly Times there is an article (P W C doubtless) giving John Corkill's recollections of the Quay frontage and its denizens in his apprentice days. I spent much of my time then in Kelly's warehouse 1 1/2" from L, three floors up. When clear of grain and the doors closed, taking exercise, and strenuous at that, on an early type of iron-tyred bone-shaker, the pedals of which had not a rotary action, but ap and down like those of a sewing machine. It had no brakes and one day making a trip on it from Buck's road, via Circular Rd and Belmont Terrace, I got over the crest at the top of the Loag of Hill before I remembered that I had no brake. This want was however made good by the high earthan bank, still there, below Kinley's, and beyond seeing stars galore, and acquiring a lump the size of a hen-egg on my forehead I came off scathless. On the R side of the Black Lion and between it and the Greyhound Inn on th the Quay, there is a low whitewashed building and which with a high power lens, appear the top portions of 'THE OLD ... HOUSE': which I have thought might be 'The Old Ale House.' I have always know that an old pub, known as 'Jimmy come-overs' existed somewhere in the Crooked Lane area (St Martin's Lane in Taggart 1834), and PWCs article definately stated that this was the old building, next E of the Black Lion'.

Language: eng

Extent: overall: 19 cm x 24 cm

Physical description: black & white print

Item name: photograph

Collection: Photographic Archive

Level: ITEM

ID number: PG/8224/18/19

Subject tags : Isle of Man, town


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