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Skeealyn Vannin, Disk 1 Track 02: Conversation: Harry Boyde, Ballaugh and Tom (Thobm) Braide

Date(s): 1948

Creator(s): Irish Folklore Commission

Transcript: H. Boyde
As c'red ta shin goll dy ghra nish?
And what are we going to say now?

T. Braide
Mygeayrt yn cleighyn.
About the hedges.

H. Boyde
Mygeayrt yn cleighyn… va mee janoo ram cleighyn ayns.. er..
About the hedges… I was making plenty of hedges in.. er..

ooilley yn laa aym, yn traa va mee aegey, yn aegey, as
all the days at me (all my life) the time I was young, in my youth, and

cha ren mee jannoo monney cleigh er bleeaney, te bleeaney
I did not make many hedges for years, it is years

er dy henney roish (neayrys) ren mee jannoo monney ayns yn cleighyn
ago before (since) I did make or do much in the hedges

as ta mee son jannoo ad mie dy liooar, as ta mee geddyn,
and I was making them well enough, and I am getting,

ta mee geddyn feer shenn nish dy jannoo monney ayns yn cleighyn,
I am getting very old now to do much in the hedges,

as ta ram cleighyn jeant ec mish woish my laa aym,
and there was plenty built at me from the days at me, (in my time)

ta, ram jeu.
yes, plenty of them.

T. Braide
Ren shiu troggal cleighyn marish (lesh) claghyn voish y traie?
Did you build hedges with stones from the shore?

H. Boyde
Va mee jannoo yn cleighyn lesh claghyn ass yn traie, as va
I was making the hedges with stones off the shore and I was

mee cur yn claghyn ayns yn... fo yn... yn reddyn lesh yn
I was putting the stones in the... under the... the things with the

reddyn elley... sods (foaid)
other things... sods

T. Braide
Ta mee toiggal (moain)
I understand (turf)

H. Boyde
Va mee cur yn soddyn (foaid) er y cleigh er mullagh yn claghyn
I was putting the sods on the hedge on top of the stones

she, shen yn red va mee jannoo
it is, that's the thing I was doing

T. Braide
Row kiebbey ayd dy jannoo eh?
Was there a spade at you to do it?

H. Boyde
Va kiebbey aym, va kiebbey mie aym, as cha row mee son gobbragh lesh,
There was a spade at me, there was a good spade at me, and I was not for working,

cha row mee son gobbragh lesh kiebbey boght,
I was not for working with a poor spade,

va kiebbey mie aym dy chooilley traa va mee goll dy jannoo yn cleighyn.
there was a good spade at me all the time I was going to make the hedges.

T. Braide
Vel peiagh erbee ayn elley ayn va jannoo yn cleighyn?
Was anyone else at all in who was making the hedges?

H. Boyde
Aw cha row peiagh erbee marym.
Aw there was not any one at all with me.

T. Braide
Va shuish yn ynrican 'er?
Were you the only one?

H. Boyde
Va mee my lomarcan, cha row peiagh erbee marym jannoo yn cleighyn,
I was alone, there was not anyone at all with me making the hedges,

as.. er, va fer ennagh jannoo cleigh, as v'eh jannoo yn cleigh
and.. er, there was someone making a hedge and he was making the hedge,

as ren eh, cha row eh, cha row eh jannoo eh mie,
and he did, he was not, he was not making it well,

as.. er.. cha row eh foddey jeant, roish ren eh ooilley cheet sheese reesht,
and.. er.. it was not long made, before it did all come down again,

as ren mish goll, as jannoo eh reesht lurg ve jeant ec yn dooinney shen,
and I did go and re-make it again after it was made at that man,

as ta'n cleigh shen ny hassoo foast.
and that hedge is standing yet.

T. Braide
Va, va, shen obbyr mie jeant ayd.
Yes, yes, that was good work done at you.

H. Boyde
Va shen obbyr mie, she.
That was good work, yes.

T. Braide
Ren shiu jannoo cleighyn myr yn fer shen? ooilley claghyn?
Did you make hedges like that one? all stone?

H. Boyde
Aw, cha ren mee rieau jannoo monney cleighyn lesh ooilley yn claghyn edyr, cha ren mee.
Aw. I did not make many with all stones either, I did not.

T. Braide
Ta yn cleigh shen bunnys brisht.
That hedge is nearly broken.

H. Boyde
Ta'n cleigh shen? Cha bee eh foddey dys bee eh lhieggit, lhieggit.
That hedge? It will not be long until it will be fallen, fallen.

Cha nel eh jeeaghyn feer mie, ta mee fakin yn claghyn er,
It is not looking very good, I am seeing the stones on it,

ta paart jeu ny lhie sheese er y laare, ta paart jeh'n claghyn goll woish yn cleigh shen,
some of them are lying on the ground, some of the stones are gone from that hedge,

cha nel mee coontey monney jeh'n fer, jeh'n sleih ren jannoo ny cleigh shen,
I am not counting much of the one, of the people who made that hedge,

cha row ad feer mie, as foddee dy vel eh bleeaney jeant nish,
they were not very good, and maybe it is years done (made) now,

foddee dy vel eh traa liauyr jeant, yn cleigh shen.
maybe it is a long time made now that hedge.

T. Braide
Ren shiu rieau jannoo cleighyn marish (lesh) stobbyn?
Did you ever make hedges with stobs. (posts)?

H. Boyde
Marish (lesh) stobbyn? Ta mee smooinaghtyn de ren mee jannoo paart jeu,
With stobs? I am thinking that I did make some of them,

er, er, er, cha nee shiu fakin, cha nel monney cleighyn claghyn sheese ayns Balleylaagh edyr,
er, er, you will not see, there are not many stone hedges down in Ballaugh at all,

ta, t'ad ooilley heose, ooilley yn cleighyn ta er y clieau,
(they) are, they are all up, all the hedges that are on the mountain,

t'eh ooilley, t'ad ooilley jeant lesh claghyn.
they are, they are all made with stones.

(Transcribed and translated by Walter Clarke, Ramsey)

Language: Manx

Collection: Sound Archive

Level: WHOLE

ID number: SA 0579/1/2


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