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Skeealyn Vannin, Disk 1 Track 04: Conversation: Harry Boyde, Ballaugh and Tom (Thobm) Braide

Date(s): 1948

Creator(s): Irish Folklore Commission

Transcript: T. Braide
..clashtyn oo ooilley ayns Gailck
..hear you all in Manx

H. Boyde
Ooilley ayns Gailck?
All in Manx?

T. Braide
Ta, c’red t’ou coontey jeh’n emshyr nish?
Yes, what are you thinking of the weather now?

H. Boyde
Aw, ta.., cha nel eh jeeaghyn feer olk edyr.
Aw, yes.., it’s not looking too bad at all.

T. Braide
Vel shin goll dy gheddyn tooilley fliaghey?
Are we going to get more rain?

H. Boyde
Aw cha s’ayms, t’eh jeeaghyn, cha nel eh jeeaghyn monney son fliaghey yn oie shoh nish edyr, cha nel.
Aw, I don’t know, it is looking, it is not looking much like rain this night now at all, it’s not.

T. Braide
Cha nel bodjallyn mygeayrt.
No clouds about.

H. Boyde
Cha nel monney bodjallyn ayns yn aer.
Not many clouds in the sky.

T. Braide
Cha nel.

H. Boyde
Cha nel mee fakin monney, va’n aer ooilley ayns frough, v’eh ooilley ayns frough laghyn er y shiaghtyn, ooilley ayns frough.
I am not seeing many, the sky was all in mist, it was all in mist these days on the week, all in mist.

T. Braide
Ta, ta, ta mee toiggal.
It is, I understand.

H. Boyde
Ta, ooilley ayns frough.
It is all in mist.

T. Braide
Row monney grian mooie er y chiaghtyn?
Was there much sun out on the week?

H. Boyde
Aw cha row, va paart dy laghyn as cha row monney grian ayn, ayns yn moghree edyr,
Aw, was not, there was some days and there was not much sun in, in the morning though,

va’n grian cheet mooie ec yn - bunnys ec y shey.. kiare.. er.. queig er y clag, ta’n grian cheet mooie yn traa shen.
the sun is coming out at almost at four or five on the clock, the sun is coming out that time.

T. Braide
Ta mish toiggal.
I understand.

H. Boyde
Shen yn traa v’ee cheet mooie.
That is the time she was coming out.

T. Braide
Row shiu ec y bayr monney er y chiaghtyn.
Were you on the road much on the week? (walking)

H. Boyde
Cha row mee mooie monney.
I was not out much.

T. Braide
Cha row
Were you not?

H. Boyde
Cha row, cha row eh feer mie dy goll mooie, v’eh feayr, v’eh feayr.
Was not, it was not very good to go out, it was cold, it was cold.

T. Braide
Row peiagh erbee ayn shen lesh shilley ort?
Was anyone there with a sight on you. (visiting you).

H. Boyde
Er.. er y shiaghtyn, cha row.
Er.. on the week? No.

T. Braide
Cha row monney sleih cheet lesh shilley ort eisht?
There were not many people coming for a sight on you then?

H. Boyde
Cha nel mee fakin yn inneen woish Purt ny h’Inshey edyr.
I have not seen the girl from Peel either.

T. Braide
Nagh vel?
Have not (you)?

H. Boyde
Cha nel.
Have not. (no)

T. Braide
Ta mish er chlashtyn t’ee goll ersooyl gys Nerin yn sourey.
I have heard she is going away to Ireland this summer.

H. Boyde
Goll dys Nerin? yn ‘neen woish Purt ny h’Inshey?
Going to Ireland? the girl from Peel?

T. Braide
T’ee goll harrish y cheayn marish “Kione Jiarg”... t’ee laccal goll harrish y cheayn lesh “Kione Jiarg”.
She is going over the sea with “Red Head” (Leslie Quirk)... she wants to go over the sea with “Red Head”.

H. Boyde
Kione Jiarg!
Red Head!

T. Braide
Ta, Leslie Quirk.
Yes, Leslie Quirk.

H. Boyde
Aw Quirk, aw, shen ta mee toiggal nish.
Aw Quirk, aw, that I understand now.

T. Braide
Cha row Clarke ayns shoh, ec y, ec y boayl shen lesh shilley ort.
Clarke was not here, at this place to see you?

H. Boyde

T. Braide
Clarke, Chalse y Clarke.
Clarke, Charles Clarke (From Pulrose)

H. Boyde
Cha ren mee fakin eh, ta laa, ta, cha row eh ayn shoh son tammylt.
I am not seeing him, it is days, yes, he was not here for a while

T. Braide
G’insh dou yn skeeal mygeayrt ny shenn feallagh ayns Balley laagh, g’insh dou yn skeeal
Tell me the story about the old people in Ballaugh, tell to me the story

mychione ny shenn, shenn feallagh ayns Balley laagh v’ou pleateil mygeayrt riyr,
about the old people in Ballaugh you were talking about last night

kys mygeayrt dty yishag, tra v’eh ayns Rhumsaa geddyn yn muckyn ass baatey.
how about your father, when he was in Ramsey getting the pigs out of a boat.

H. Boyde
Aw v’eh geddyn muckyn, v’eh geddyn daa muckyn ayns Rhumsaa
Oh! he was getting pigs, he was getting two pigs in Ramsey

as ren eh goll dys geddyn part dy geayl, dy, dy geayl dy loshtey ayns yn aile,
and he did go to get some coal coal to burn on the fire,

as yn traa ren eh cur yn red, tra ren eh goll dy chur, cur yn red (cart)
and the time he did put the thing (cart) when he did put the cart

dy geddyn yn muckyn va’n muckyn ayns yn sack as v’ad, what’s jumping?, lheimmey ayns
to get the pigs, the pigs were in a sack, and they were jumping in

yn sack as harrish, ren ad goll harrish sheese ayns yn, ayns yn ushtey.
the sack and over (overboard) they did go over down in the, in the water.

T. Braide
Ren ad?
Did they?

H. Boyde the harbour

T. Braide
Cha row ad baiht?
They were not drowned?

H. Boyde
Cha row, va fer ennagh er y baatey, as ren eh tayrtyn red ennagh lesh yiarn,
Were not, there was someone on the boat, and he did haul something with iron (boathook)

as ren eh tayrtyn ad mooie ass yn ushtey.
and he did haul them out of the water.

T. Braide
Va shen aitt.
That was funny.

(Transcribed and translated by Walter Clarke, Ramsey)

Language: Manx

Collection: Sound Archive

Level: WHOLE

ID number: SA 0579/1/4


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