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Skeealyn Vannin, Disk 1 Track 05: Conversation: Harry Boyde, Ballaugh and Tom (Thobm) Braide

Date(s): 1948

Creator(s): Irish Folklore Commission

Transcript: T. Braide
Ta shin a... Ta shin ersooyl nish, goll er.
We are a... We are away now, go on.

H. Boyde
C’red t’ou gra?
What are you saying?

T. Braide
Goll er lesh skeeal. Kys mygeayrt dty naunt as y thie eck?
Go on with a story. How about your aunt and the house at her?

H. Boyde
Oh! Ayns yn.. jannoo yn lhiabbee, .. er.. about the fellow that came home…
Oh! In the.. making the bed, .. er..

ren eh cheet thie, as v’eh will I shout?
he did come home and he was…

T Braide
Ta, goll er.
Yes, go on.

H Boyde
V’eh ec Balley laagh as v’eh, ren eh cheet thie as va paart dy jough echey
He was at Ballaugh and he was, he did come home and there was some drink at him

as ren eh gra, my jishags, my yishags .........
and he did say, my father, my father .........

as my vummigs.........
and my mother.........

T. Braide
Ta shen aitt.
That was odd.

H. Boyde
Shen yn red ren eh gra.
That (is) the thing he said.

T. Braide
Va shen mie dy liooar, kys mygeayrt yn dooinney ayns yn rullick, yn dooinney as y ven ayns yn rullick.
That was good enough, how about the man in the graveyard, the man and the woman in the churchyard.

H. Boyde
Dooinney as y ven ayns?
Man and the woman in?

T. Braide
Ayns yn rullick jeeaghyn er yn oaie, ta clagh wooar aynshoh, as ta clagh vooar aynshen.
In the graveyard looking on the grave, there’s a big stone here and a big stone there.

H. Boyde
Oh! Va ben ennagh ayns Balley laagh as v’ee poosit dys shenn fer,
Oh! there was some woman in Ballaugh and she was married to an old fellow,

as v’eh shenn, yn traa ren she geddyn poosit, yn traa ren yn fer shen geddyn poosit dys yn ben shen,
and he was old the time she got married, the time that fellow got married to that woman,

as v’ee jannoo poddash, son cha row eh geddyn bainney erbee, v’ee goaill ushtey marish yn poddash.
and she was making porridge, for he was not getting milk at all, she was putting water with the porridge.

T. Braide
Oh, yn drogh spyrryd.
Oh, the bad spirit.

H. Boyde
V’ee goaill yn ushtey marish yn poddash, as ren eh geddyn baase as va ram argid echey, ram argid echey,
She was putting water with the porridge, and he did die, and there was lots of money at him, lots of money at him,

as ren fer cheet thie woish Australia, as ren she geddyn poosit dys yn dooinney shen,
and a chap came home from Australia and she did get married to that man,

as ren yn dooinney shen geddyn ooilley yn argid va ec yn... va jeant ec yn shenn dooinney
and that man did get all the money that was at the... that was made at the old man

as v’eh shooyl er y, er y traie chaglym fuygh er y traie, er y traie, as ren yn shuyr echey geddyn baase,
and he was walking on the, on the shore gathering wood on the shore, on the shore, and the sister at him did die

as ren eh jannoo coffin marish yn fuygh v’eh chaglym er y traie. She. Shen eh
and he did make a coffin with the wood he was gathering on the shore. Yes. That’s it.

T. Braide
Va shen aitt dy liooar.
That was odd enough.

H. Boyde
As v’ee ayns y rullick laa ennagh as ren shenn dooinney cheet stiagh ayns yn rullick dy fakin yn oaie yn ben echey,
And she was in the graveyard one day and an old man came in into the graveyard to see the grave of the woman at him (wife)

as ren eh fakin yn ben shen ec yn oaie ec yn dooinney v’ee poosit rish reesht,
and he did see that woman at the grave at the man she was married to again,

as ren eh gra, c’red t’ou jannoo ayns shoh?
and he did say, what are you doing here?

reh eh gra, gow royd sheese, he said, dys yn shenn keeill as cur clagh er yn dooinney ren oo geddyn yn argid woish.
he did say, go you down to the old church and put a stone on the man you did get the money from.

T. Braide
Ren eh gra shen?
Did he say that?

H. Boyde
Yes, yes. As ren eh, v’eh ayns y.. ec yn oaie as ren eh, va reddyn soiet ooilley er yn oaie
And did he, he was in the.. at the grave and he did, things were set all on the grave

as v’eh cur yn laue echey, nane aynshen nane aynshoh, as nane aynshen, v’eh gra...... Yes..
and he was putting the hand at him, one there one here, and one there, he was saying.....

(Transcribed and translated by Walter Clarke, Ramsey)

Language: Manx

Collection: Sound Archive

Level: WHOLE

ID number: SA 0579/1/5


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