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Skeealyn Vannin, Disk 1 Track 13: Conversation: Harry Boyde, Ballaugh and John Kneen, Ballaugh

Date(s): 1948

Creator(s): Irish Folklore Commission

Transcript: ... Ayns y ghlion.
... In the glen.

H. Boyde
Ayns y ghlion va’n aspick beaghey as va mee geiyrt er’n,
In the glen the bishop was living and I was following on the,

geiyrt er breck ayns yn awin, as ren yn aspick cheet orrym.
on the trout in the river, and did the bishop come on me.

T. Braide
Quoi yn aspick shen?
Who (was) that bishop?

Yn aspick Hill.
The bishop Hill.

J. Kneen
Yn aspick Hill
The bishop Hill

H. Boyde
As va moddey mooar echey
And (there) was a big dog at him…

va moddey mooar bwee echey... as v’eh lhiggey yn moddey orrym,
was a big yellow dog at him... and he let the dog on me,

as cha row yn moddey... Cha row yn moddey goll dys mish edyr,
and the dog was not... The dog was not going to me at all,

as va’n moddey lheim ayns yn aer as gounsternee as lheim ayns yn aer.
and the dog was jumping in the air and barking and jumping in the air.

Cha row yn moddey roie, geiyrt er mish edyr,
The dog was not running, following on me at all,

as va jeeig mooar dy ushtey aynshen as ren mee roie ayns yn...
and (there) was a big ditch of water there and I did run in the...

cha row traa aym dy roie boayl erbee elley,
(there) was not time at me to run anywhere else,

as ren mee roie ayns yn jeeig ushtey as va mee fliugh ooilley heose dys my chione, bunnys!
and I did run in the water ditch and I was wet all up to my head, nearly!

J. Kneen
Dy jarroo, ghooinney?
Really, man?

H. Boyde
As ren mee, ren mee roie as va’n aspick g’eam ‘Gow eh! Gow eh! bhoy Gow eh!, take him, gow eh,
And I did, I did run and the bishop was shouting ‘Take him! Take him! boy Take him! take him,

va’n aspick gra as cha row yn moddey goll geiyrt er mish edyr
the bishop was saying and the dog was not going following on me at all

as jeeaghyn ayns yn aer as gounsternee as jeeaghyn ayns yn aer
and looking in the air and barking and looking in the air

as ren mee roie dys my thie ayns yn jeeig jeh’n ushtey as ren mee ooilley fliugh dys my chione, bunnys.
and I did run to my house.. in the ditch of the water and I did all wet to my head, nearly.

As va sleih gra... dy ren va shiuish er roie bo... er y raad elley dy row
And people were... saying that you were on running on the other road that was

J. Kneen
Cha ren oo smooinaghtyn er y raad ec y traa.
You were not thinking on the road at the time.

H. Boyde
Cha row. Bee eh son toiggal kiart va mee beaghey eisht.
Was not. He will be for understanding right where I was living then.

Yes. That’s it. Yes. That’s about the bishop. Yes. Yes. To see now...

J. Kneen
Well, t’ou toiggal Rhumsaa braew vie? Vel oo?
Well, you are understanding (knowing about) Ramsey fine well? Do you?

H. Boyde
Oh, va mee keayrtyn ayns Rhumsaa. Va mee ram keayrtyn ayns Rhumsaa.
Oh, I was times in Ramsey. I was many times in Ramsey.

J. Kneen
Oh, va, va mee goll dy Rhumsaa ayns my laghyn aeg neesht.
Oh, yes, I was going to Ramsey in my young days too.

H. Boyde
Oh, va. She.
Oh, yes. Yes.

J. Kneen
Row uss toiggal yn traa va mwyllin mooar ‘Monk’? goll mygeayrt?
Were you understanding (knowing about) the big? mill (that was) going about?

H. Boyde
Oh, va mee toiggal shen. As v’eh... Is it off yet? It’s not off yet. As toiggal...
Oh, I was understanding (knowing about) that. And it was... And understanding...

J. Kneen
Va mee goll dy Rhumsaa un laa ayns y gheurey... ayns y sourey,
I was going to Ramsey one day in the winter... in the summer,

as ren mee goll dys Rhumsaa ooilley yn raad shooyl as va mee cheet dys yn mwyllin mooar ‘Monk’
and I did go to Ramsey all the road walking and I was coming to the big? mill
as eisht va mee goll dys y bayr yn mullagh y Vayr Geinnagh as v’ad jannoo keeill aynshen.
and then I was going to the road the top of the Sandy Road (Bowring Road) and they were making a church there.

H. Boyde
V’ad jannoo...
They were making...

J. Kneen
V’ad jannoo keeill.
They were making a church.

H. Boyde
Keeill? V’ad jannoo keeill?
A church? They were making a church?

J. Kneen
Va, ayns y vullagh yn vayr ge...
Yes, in the top of the... road

H. Boyde
Ta mee toiggal.
I understand.

J. Kneen
T’ou toiggal shen.
You understand that.

H. Boyde
Ta mee toiggal shen.
I understand that.

J. Kneen
As eisht ren mee goll seose dys yn droghad clagh
And then I did go up to the stone bridge

as ren mee goll magh er y Vooiragh as cha row thieyn erbee er y Vooiragh ec y traa shen.
and I did go out on the Mooragh and (there) were not any houses on the Mooragh at that time.

H. Boyde
As dy lickly ny row.
And likely (there) was not.

J. Kneen
Va nane thie thooit er, shen ooilley yn thieyn v’er.
(There) was one thatched house on (it), that is all the houses (that) were on it.

H. Boyde
Shen ooilley yn thieyn v’ayn.
That is all the houses (that) were in.

J. Kneen
Va, shen ooilley yn thieyn. As nish ta ram thieyn...
Yes, that is all the houses. And now (there) are many houses...

H. Boyde
Aw, ta ram ayn nish.
Aw, (there) are many in now.

J. Kneen

H. Boyde
Feallagh noa jeant.
New people made.

J. Kneen
Feallagh noa jeant.
New people made.

H. Boyde
Ram jeu.
Lots of them.

J. Kneen
Ram jeu. Ta.
Lots of them. Yes.

Cha row feer ram jeu ayns ny laghyn shen.
(There) were not very many of them in those days.

H. Boyde
Cha row. Va daa deiney voish yn clieau. V’ad beaghey ayns yn clieau...
(There) were not. (There) were two men from the hill. They were living in (on) the hill...

(Transcribed and translated by Fiona McArdle, Kirk Michael)

Language: Manx

Collection: Sound Archive

Level: WHOLE

ID number: SA 0579/1/13


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