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Skeealyn Vannin, Disk 1 Track 14: Conversation: Harry Boyde and John Kneen, Ballaugh

Date(s): 1948

Creator(s): Irish Folklore Commission

Transcript: J. Kneen
... yn valley, as ren mee cheet back dys yn valley
... at the town, and I did come back to the town

as va’n boayl v’ad creck ny cabbil as ny ollagh as dy chooilley red shen,
and the place they were selling the horses and the cattle and everything like that,

cha row veg ayn shen, yn laa shen, as boayl mooar follym as faiyr ayn eh, mygeayrt eh.
there was nothing there, that day, and a big empty place and grass in it, around it.

H. Boyde
Va mish ayns yn boayl shen neesht, yn raad v’ad creck ny ollagh,
I was in that place now, where they were selling the cattle,

va mish aynshen bleeaney er dy henney.
I was there years ago.

J. Kneen
Va, va, va wooinney, t’eh er goll ram quile woish shen nish, my ta.
It was, it was man, it is gone a big while from then, now, though.

H. Boyde
Aw, ta, ta.
Aw it is, it is.

J. Kneen
T’eh ersooyl ayn eash elley, nagh vel eh?
It is away in another age, is it not?

H. Boyde
Aw, ta ersooyl. Ta.
Aw, it is away. Yes.

J. Kneen
As ta mee er fakin yn balley ta mee er fakin lhongaghyn... yn quay,
and I have seen the town (Ramsey) I have seen ships... the quay,

ta mee er fakin feedyn, ny feed, ny keead saagh ayn shen er un traa, ooilley shiaull
I have seen scores or hundreds vessels there at one time, all sail

as eisht blein (bleeantyn) woish shen ren ad cheet voish v’ad gobbyr lesh... lesh aile as ushtey.
and then a year (years) from then they did come from they were working with... with fire and water (steam).

H. Boyde
Aw, ta mee toiggal.
Aw, I understand.

J. Kneen
As goll dys yn eeastagh.
And going to the fishing.

H. Boyde
Aw, ta, ta, ta mish goll dy gra mygeayrt daa deiney va ayns Rhumsaa laa ennagh,
Aw, I am, I am, I am going to say about two men who were in Ramsey one day,

as ren yn jishag oc geddyn ching, yn traa v’ad ayns Rhumsaa
and did the father of them get sick, the time they were in Ramsey

as v’ad smooinaghtyn dy row eh goll dy bee marroo as v’ad roie ayns yn traid,
and they were thinking that he was going to be dead and they were running in the street,

nane jeu roie geiyrt er yn nane elley, as va nane jeu g’eam, as v’eh gra
one of them following on the other one, and one of them was shouting, and he was saying

‘Roie boy roie, bee eh ersooyl as cha bee red erbee jeant echey.
‘Run boy run, he will be away (dead) and there will not be anything done at him.
(they were worried about the Will).

J. Kneen
Aw, dy jarroo.
Aw, indeed.

H. Boyde
As va ooilley yn sleih ny hassoo ayns yn dorrysyn jeeaghyn orroo roie harrish yn traid.
and all the people were standing in the doors looking at them running over the street.

That’s not bad is it?

J. Kneen
As ta mee er fakin roish, ayns Rhumsaa, roish va’n droghad erbee harrish yn ushtey.
And I have seen before, in Ramsey, before there was a bridge at all over the water.

H. Boyde
Aw, dy lickly dy row, aw, cha row mish goll monney dys Rhumsaa. Cha row.
Aw, likely it was, aw, I was not going much to Ramsey. (I) was not.

J. Kneen
Aw, ta mee er ve ayn ny keayrtyn.
Aw, I have been in often (times).

H. Boyde
Cha row mee ayns Rhumsaa monney. Cha row.
I was not in Ramsey much. I was not.

J. Kneen
Ayns ooilley yn laghyn ayd? Aw, va mee ayn dy chooilley shiaghtyn bunnys.
In all the days at you? Aw, I was in every week nearly.

H. Boyde
Va mee fuirraghtyn ec y thie, va mee beaghey ayns yn
I was staying at the house (home) I was living in the

boayl ta’n Aspick, ec yn Aspick, boayl yn Aspick.
place of the Bishop, at the Bishop, place of the Bishop (Bishop’s Court).

J. Kneen
Oh, dy jarroo, harrish Balley Laagh aynshen.
Oh, indeed, over Ballaugh there.

H. Boyde
She bunnys ec Balley Laagh, va mish beaghey ec yn raad ayns thie beg ec yn raad ta goll dys Rhumsaa
It is nearly at Ballaugh, I was living at the road in a little house at the road that is going to Ramsey

bunnys ec yn Cooyrtey ec thie yn Aspick
nearly at the Court (Bishop’s) at the house of the Bishop.

J. Kneen
Aw, dy jarroo.
Aw, indeed.

H Boyde
Shen yn boayl va mish beaghey.
That’s the place I was living.

J. Kneen
Cha row oo rieau poost edyr?
You were never married at all?

H. Boyde
Cha row nee rieau poost.
I was never married.

J. Kneen
Aw, nagh row oo, cha row rieau ben ayd edyr?
Aw, were you not, there was never a woman at you at all?

H. Boyde
Cha row rieau ben aym, va ram sleih laccal mee, laccal mish dy goll,
There was never a woman at me, lots of people were wanting me, wanting me to go,

dy goll dy geddyn poost agh cha ren mee rieau goll.
to go to get married but I did never go.

J. Kneen
Aw, dy jarroo dy jarroo.
Aw, indeed, indeed.

H. Boyde
Cha ren mee rieau goll dys yn keeill.
I did not ever go to the church.

J. Kneen
Ren mish geddyn nane, my ta.
I did get one, though.

(Transcribed and translated by Walter Clarke, Ramsey)

Language: Manx

Collection: Sound Archive

Level: WHOLE

ID number: SA 0579/1/14


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