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Skeealyn Vannin, Disk 2 Track 01: Conversation: Harry Boyde, and John Kneen, Ballaugh with Tom (Thobm) Braide

Date(s): 1948

Creator(s): Irish Folklore Commission

Transcript: T. Braide
Tell him in Manx.

H. Boyde
V’ad... v’eh... va’n ennym echey Juan Steaoin... Juan Steaoin Juan Steaoin as v’eh... yn traa v’eh goll dys yn chooyrt,
They were..the name on him was John Stephen... John Stephen... John Stephen and he was... the time he was going to the court,

v’eh g’eam ayns yn chooyrt ‘Vel fer erbee goll dy lhie ayns Ballalaagh?’, as ‘Vel fer erbee goll ’sy lhie ayns Skylley Chreest,
he was calling in the court ‘Is anyone going to lie (bed) in Ballaugh’, and ‘Is anyone going to lie in (Kirk) Christ,

Skylley Chreest ny hAyrey’? v’eh gra. ‘Vel fer erbee goll ’sy lhie ayns Skyll Andreays?’ ‘Vel fer erbee
Kirk Christ Lezayre’? he was saying, ‘Is anyone going to lie in [the] Parish of Andreas?’ ‘Is anyone

goll ’sy lhie ayns Skylley Breeshey?’ ‘Vel fer erbee ayns Skylley Maghal?’….as shen ooilley yn boayl v’eh gra. She.
going to lie in [the] Parish of Bride?’ ‘Is anyone in [the] Parish of Maughold?’ and that is all the place he was saying. Yes.

J. Kneen
As va shen yn obbyr echey?
And that was the work at him?

H. Boyde
Shen yn obbyr echey.
That [is] the work at him.

T. Braide
(V’eh) yn toshiaght-joarree.
(He was) the Coroner.

H. Boyde
Cha nel ad jannoo shen nish edyr.
They are not doing that now at all.

J. Kneen
Cha nel. Cha nel.
No. No.

H. Boyde
Cha nel ad jannoo lesh nish edyr. Bee... bee... row ad ayns... va faasaag mooar er, sheese dys aynshoh. Faasaag...
They are not doing (bothering) with it now at all. Will be... will be... they were in... there was a big beard on him, down to here.

J. Kneen
Ta mee er chlashtyn... faasaag... Tra v’eh clashtyn v’eh goll trooid Ballalaagh (Balley ny Loghey) aynshoh as va
I have heard... a beard... When he was hearing he was going through Ballaugh here and there was a poor horse

cabbyl voght echey... as va sleih gra ‘Kys yn oyr t’ou geddyn... cabbyl’ ? ‘Oh, ta’n cabbyl aym braew,’ v’eh gra.
at him... and people were saying ‘How is the reason you getting ... a horse...? Oh, the horse at me is fine...’ he was saying.

Son v’eh ec thieyn, ec y thieyn dy sleih roish t’ad laccal eh.
He was at a house, he was at the houses..., at the houses of people before they are wanting him.
H. Boyde
Aye, ta mish toiggal.
Aye, I am understanding.

J. Kneen
She, shen yn dooinney v’ou loayrt mygeayrt.
Yes, that [is] the man you were speaking about.

H. Boyde
Oh, shen eh.
Oh, that’s him.

J. Kneen

H. Boyde
She. Dooinney lesh faasaag bane mooar echey... faasaag... faasaag bane. She. Juan Steaoin... Steaoin, ta. Shen yn fer v’ayn.
Yes. A man with a big white beard at him... a beard... white beard. Yes. John Stephen... Stephen, yes. That’s the man [that] was in...

J. Kneen
John Quayle.
John Quayle

H. Boyde
Stephen. Steaoin. Aye. Shen yn (ennym echey). Shen yn ennym echey. She.
Stephen. Stephen. Aye. That [is] the name at him. That’s the name at him. Yes.

J. Kneen
Row uss rieau toiggal yn traa va... c’red v’ad gra er... Yn Cleragh
Were you ever understanding (remembering) the time was... What were they saying on... The Clerk.

H. Boyde
C’red shen?
What’s that?

J. Kneen
Yn cleragh.
The clerk.

H. Boyde
Aw. Ta mee smooinaghtyn dy vel. She.
Aw. I am thinking it is. Yes.

J. Kneen
Shen yn wooinney va ec y thieyn ooilley yn sleih... roish v’ad laccal eh.
That [is] the man [who] was at all the houses of people... before they were wanting him.

H. Boyde
She, ta mish toiggal nish.
Yes, I am understanding now.

J. Kneen
Vel red erbee elley?
Is there anything else?

T. Braide
Row uss rieau ayns y chooyrt cur feanish.?
Were you ever in the court giving witness?

H. Boyde
Aw, cha row mee rieau ayns yn chooyrt edyr.
Aw, I was never in the court at all.

J. Kneen
Cha row mish noadyr
I was not either.

H. Boyde
Cha row. Va mee smooinaghtyn dy beagh mee... va mee goaill aggle jeh’n... traa... ren yn aspick cheet orrym...
No. I was thinking that. I would be... I was afraid of the... time... the bishop did come on me

.ayns y ghlion. Va mee smooinaghtyn dy row mee goll dys yn chooyrt. Cha ren mee rieau goll edyr.
.in the glen. I was thinking that I was going to the court. I never did go at all.

Cha ren. Aw, va mee roie agglagh yn laa shen.
No. Aw, I was running awful that day.

J. Kneen
Cha row eh rieau faagail oo.
It was never leaving you.

H. Boyde
Cha ren. Cha ren. Cha ren eh cummal mish son goll dys y ghlion son shen edyr. Va mee... ren mee goll ayns y ghlion
No. No. It did not keep me for (from) going to the glen for that at all. I was... I did go in the glen

geiyrt er yn breck reesht.
following on the trout again.

J. Kneen
Oh, dy jarroo.
Oh, indeed.

H. Boyde
She. Cha ren mee... cha ren eh rieau fakin mee reesht.
Yes. I did not... he never did see me again.

J. Kneen
V’ou goll er y oie, dy lickly.
You were going on the ‘night’, likely.

H. Boyde
Ta. Va mee goll bunnys ec yn oie, tra va mee goll. Yn traa ren eh cheet orrym, yn laa shen, va mee ny lhie er my bolg
Yes. I was going nearly at the night[fall], when I was going. The time he did come, that day, I was lying on my stomach

er y thalloo as... as my laue ayns yn (ushtey) as mie eh... as my laueyn ayns yn jeeig.
on the ground and..and my hand in the water and good it... .and my hands in the ditch.

(Transcribed and translated by Fiona McArdle, Kirk Michael)

Language: Manx

Collection: Sound Archive

Level: WHOLE

ID number: SA 0579/2/1


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