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Skeealyn Vannin, Disk 2 Track 03: Conversation: Harry Boyde and John Kneen, Ballaugh with Mark Braide

Date(s): 1948

Creator(s): Irish Folklore Commission

Transcript: H. Boyde
As yn traa ren eh goll dys, yn keeill as goll ayns yn -
And the time he did go to the Church and go in the -

c’red t’ou.. ennym.. t’ou gra dys yn pulpit?
what are are saying for pulpit?

(crannag) (crannag)

Yn traa ren eh ayns yn, - t’eh goll dy preacheil, ren eh gra.
The time he did in the - going to preach, he did say,

‘Nee “Cleator Brothers” lhieggey shiu as cha jean ad cheet
Cleator Brothers will drop you (fall you) and they will not come

dy troggal shiu edyr’, yes, shen yn red ren eh gra, yes that is about the
to lift you at all’, yes, that is the thing he did say, yes that is about the

man he found on the road one Sunday drunk, yes, v'eh scooyrit.
he was drunk.

M. Braide
Vel shiu gennaghtyn gaccrys nish?
Are you feeling hungry now?

H. Boyde
Aw, cha nel monney edyr, va jinnair mie aym, cha row eh feer olk, v’eh ny share na v’eh jea.
Aw, not much at all, there was a good dinner at me, it was not very bad, it was better than it was yesterday.

M. Braide
Shen mie.
That is good.

H. Boyde
Cha row eh monney jea, as bee, bee, bee jinnair, as bee jinnair moal,
It was not; much yesterday and it will be will be a dinner, and it will be a poor dinner,

cha bee jinnair monney mairagh, bee eh praaseyn as skeddan goll mairagh.
it will not be much of a dinner tomorrow it will be potatoes and herring going tomorrow.

J. Kneen
Dy jarroo, wooinney.
Indeed, man.

H. Boyde
Praaseyn as skeddan, aw, bee red ennagh elley goll neesht,
Potatoes and herring, aw, there will be something else going too,

marish ny praaseyn as skeddan, yes, bee red ennagh elley goll.
with the potatoes and herring, yes, there will be some thing else going

M. Braide
Ta shen ooilley v’ad gee ayns ny shenn laghyn.
That is all they were eating in the old days.

H. Boyde
Ta, dy chooilley laa, yn laa mairagh.
Yes, every day, is tomorrow.

J. Kneen
Bee paart jough goll dy lickly marish, vel eh?
There will be a bit of drink (ale) going very likely with it, will there?

H. Boyde
Aw, cha nel mee fakin jough erbee.
Aw, I am not seeing drink (ale) at all.

J. Kneen
Cha nel oo?
Are you not?

H. Boyde
Ren mee geddyn boteil ny jees dy jough ec, ec, er
I did get a bottle or two of drink (ale) at at er

What is y Nollick, laa y Nollick, va paart ec yn jinnair.
What is the Christmas, Christmas Day, there was some at the dinner.

J. Kneen
Aw, ta shen ersooyl shaghey neesht.
Aw, that is away past too.

H. Boyde
Cha row mee rieau monney..
I was not ever much..

J. Kneen
Son dy giu jough?
For to drink ale?

H. Boyde
Cha row mee rieau monney son jough, yn red jiarg va mee laccal. (Rum)
I was not ever much for drink (ale), the red thing I was wanting.

J. Kneen
Aw, dy jarroo, drop dy feeyn jiarg.
Aw, indeed, drop of red wine.

H. Boyde
Ta ram red jiarg giuit ec mish.
There is lots of red stuff drunk at me. (rum)

J. Kneen
Dy jarroo, wooinney.
Indeed, man.

H. Boyde
Ayns Skyll Mael.
In Kirk Michael.

J. Kneen
Skyll Mael.
Kirk Michael.

H. Boyde
Va mee goll heose bunnys dy chooilley oie dys Skyll Mael
I was going up nearly every night to Kirk Michael

dy geddyn paart dy red jiarg, as ushtey as shugyr ayn.
to get some of the red stuff (rum) and water and sugar in it.

M. Braide
Va shen rum, va? - as c’red v’ou geeck son shen?
That was rum, was it? - and what were you paying for that?

H. Boyde
She, shen rum, she. Aw, cha row mee geeck monney yn traa shen, cha row eh, cha row ad.
Yes, that’s rum, yes. Aw, I was not paying much, that time, it was not, they were not..

J. Kneen
Tree pingyn son gless, tree pingyn son gless.
Three pennies for a glass, three pennies for a glass.

H. Boyde
Tree pingyn.
Three pennies.

J. Kneen
As va’n stoo jiarg daa phing as lhieng son gless.
And rum was two pence and a halfpenny for a glass.

H. Boyde
Va shen yn red v’eh.
That is what it was.

J. Kneen
As va’n feeyn bane t’ad gra, va shen tree pingyn.
And the white wine (whisky) they were saying, that was three pennies.

H. Boyde
She tree pingyn, aw, cha nel, nee eh goll (goaill) ram argid
It is (yes), three pennies, aw, it is not, it will take lots of money

dy beagh sleih goll dy geddyn eh nish, nee eh goaill ram argid nish.
if people would go to get it now, it will take lots of money now.

J. Kneen
Aw, te bunnys punt as jeig son dy geddyn un boteil jeh.
Aw, it is nearly a pound and ten (shillings) to get one bottle of it.

H. Boyde
Yn traa ta fer ta gobbragh nish, cha nel, cha nel eh son goll ayns yn thieyn oast monney.
The time the man that is working now, is not he is not going the public houses much.

J. Kneen
Cha nel, cha nel.
No (is not,) no (is not).

H. Boyde
T'eh goaill rour argid.
It is taking too much money.

Aw, ta, t’eh goaill ram argid nish.
Aw, aye, it is taking lots of money now.

H. Boyde
T’eh goaill ram argid nish, shen eh, shen yn red t’eh.
It takes lots of money now, that is it, that is the thing it is.

J. Kneen
Aw, bee shin foast goll jeeaghyn son ben y pheesh, nane jeh’n laghyn.
Aw, we will yet go looking for a woman each, one of these days.

H. Boyde
Aw, cha nel, ta shin feer shenn nish ta mee smooinaghtyn dy goll jeeaghyn son ben,
Aw, no, we are very old now I am thinking to go looking for a woman,

ta mish er cur ad ass my kione nish.
I have put them out of my head now.

J. Kneen
Aw, nee shen cheet ayns dty kione reesht, my ta, tra t’ou fakin nane bwaagh.
Aw, it will come (return) in your head again, though, when you are seeing a pretty one.

H. Boyde
... jinnair... Yes.
... dinner...

J. Kneen
Nee oo fakin nane bwaagh. Nee eh cheet back my-ry-kione...
You will see a pretty one. It will come back about it...

H. Boyde
Va ‘neen aegey ennagh ren mee meeteil...’ neen aegey ayns yn bayr laa ennagh as ren ee cheet dy pleateil dys mish.
[There] was a young girl I did meet... [a] young girl in the road some day and she did come to talk to me.

Aw, ren mee gra ‘gow royd ersooyl, gow royd ersooyl.
Aw, I did say ‘go away, go away.’

Cha nel mee laccal…cha nel mee laccal veg jeh shiuish’, ren mee gra.
I am not wanting….I am not wanting anything off you’, I did say.

(Transcribed and translated by Walter Clarke, Ramsey)

Language: Manx

Collection: Sound Archive

Level: WHOLE

ID number: SA 0579/2/3


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