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Skeealyn Vannin, Disk 2 Track 04: Conversation: Harry Boyde and John Kneen, Ballaugh, with Mark Braide, J.W. (Bill) Radcliffe and Charles (Chalse) Craine

Date(s): 1948

Creator(s): Irish Folklore Commission

Transcript: J. Kneen
Shen eh, well va mee keayrt - va mee baghey ayns giat yn lheeannee
That is it, well, I was once - I was living in gate? of the meadow,

as va mee er fakin ny ferrishyn goll mygeayrt, cloie ayns eh, wooinney, ram jeu,
and I have seen the fairies going about, playing in it - man, lots of them,

va’n fer mooar gollrish mwaagh cha row, cleayshyn liauyr dy liooar da, as
the big one was like a hare there was not ears big enough for him, and

feallagh beg roie mygeayrt, cloie as lheim ayns yn aer, as v’ad,
little people (ones) running about playing and leaping in the air, and they were,

va mee jannoo “chahoo” as v’ad ooilley roie ersooyl as cha row mee
I was making a noise and they were all running away and I was not

fakin veg jeu, v’ad ooilley ersooyl voym, shen ooilley bunnys.
seeing nothing of them, they were all away from me, that is all almost.

Shen ooilley t’aym gra mygeayrt my ferrishyn
That is all that is at me, saying about the fairies.

J. W. Radcliffe
Kys v’ad coamrit? row jaggadyn orroo?
How were they dressed? were coats on them?

J. Kneen
Cha row, cha row, va clooie er.
Was not, was not, there were feathers on them.

J. W. Radcliffe
Row shoh ayns yn oie?
Was this in the night?

J. Kneen

J. W. Radcliffe
Ayns yn oie?
In the night?

J. Kneen
Ayns yn oie - aw, well, tra va’n grian goll sheese.
In the night - aw, well, when the sun was going down.

H. Boyde
When the sun was going down.

M. Braide
Vel shiuish er n’akin ny ferrishyn?
Have you seen the fairies?

H. Boyde
Aw, cha ren mee rieau fakin nane, ren mee clashtyn sleih pleateil mygeayrt ad,
Aw, I did not ever see one, I did hear people talking about them,

cha ren mee rieau fakin nane edyr.
I did not ever see one either.

J. Kneen
Aw, ren mish fakin ad, my ta, t’ad ayns y lheeannee shoh, ram jeu.
Aw, I did see them though, they are in the meadow here, lots of them.

H. Boyde
Cha ren mee rieau shooyl mooie anmagh ec yn oie.
I did not ever walk out late at the night.

J. Kneen
Aw, dy jarroo dy jarroo, v’ou dy chooilley traa goll stiagh ayns dty hie
Aw, indeed indeed, you were every time going in into your house

as soie ec yn aile, ec yn aile, shen v’ou jannoo.
and sitting at the fire, at the fire, that is what you were doing.

Cha row oo rieau goll geiyrt er ben.
You were not ever going following (chasing) on a woman.

H. Boyde
Cha row mish rieau goll mooie monney ec yn oie va mee my hoie ayns yn thie, my hoie ayns yn thie.
I was not ever going out much at the night, I was sitting in the house, sitting in the house.

J. Kneen
Cha row oo rieau fakin ferrishyn erbee eisht .
You were not ever seeing fairies at all then.

H. Boyde
Aw, cha ren, clashtyn sleih pleateil mygeayrt ad.
Aw, did not, hearing people talk about them.

J. Kneen
Aw, ta shen yn red elley, my ta, cha row oo fakin eh.
Aw, that is another thing, though, you were not seeing it.

H. Boyde
Va daa mraane woish Ballalaagh as v’ad cheet seose gys y thie
There was two women from Ballaugh and they were coming up to the house

as, as er v’ad hoie ooilley yn oie bunnys,
and, and er they were sitting all the night nearly,

pleateil mygeayrt ny ferrishyn as scaadooyn, ren shiu rieau clashtyn jeh scaadooyn? ghosts.
talking about the fairies and black shadows (ghosts), did you ever hear of black shadows? ghosts.

Scaadooyn, ren oo rieau clashtyn jeh scaadooyn ghosts! scaadooyn,
Black shadows, did you ever hear of black ghosts! black ghosts,

ren oo rieau clashtyn jeh scaadooyn “Ghoulagh”,
did you ever hear of black ghosts “Jouyllag”,

J. Kneen
Scaayn doo?
Black ghosts?

Scaadooyn Ghoulagh, ‘Live ghosts’ scaadooyn t’ad gra dy vel feallagh shen shooyl mygeayrt.
Devilish ghosts, black ghosts they are saying that those people (were) walking about.

She, c’red t’ou coontey jeh shen?
Yes, what are you thinking of that?

C. C. Craine
Aw, cha nel mish er nakin ad edyr.
Aw, I have not seen them at all.

H. Boyde
Shen yn ennym t’ad gra son feallagh shen scaadooyn “Ghoulagh”.
That is the name they are saying for those people. “Devilish” black shadows.

Cha ren shiu rieau clashtyn shen?
Did you not ever hear that?

C. C. Craine
Er lhiam dy row shiuish ginsh dou roie my-ry-chione, as cre mysh yn tarroo ushtey nish,
I think that you have told to me before about it, and what about the water bull? now,

vel oo rieau er n'akin tarroo ushtey?
have you ever seen the water bull?

J. Kneen
Aw, cha ren mee rieau fakin y tarroo ushtey edyr.
Aw, I did not ever see the water bull at all.

H. Boyde
Cha ren mee rieau fakin eh noadyr, ren mee er clashtyn mygeayrt.
I did not ever see it either, I did hear about it.

J. Kneen
Ta mee er fakin ny ferrishyn my ta, dy row shiu baghey magh ayns ny curraghyn shoh,
I have seen the fairies though, if you were living out in the curraghs here,

ayns ny curraghyn, as tra ta’n grian goll sheese, t’ad ooilley goll thie as soie ayns y thie.
in the curraghs, and when the sun was going down, they are all going home and sitting in the house.

H. Boyde
Row edd jiarg er, er ny ferrishyn?
Was their red hats on, on the fairies?

J. Kneen
Cha row edd jiarg erbee orroo, va clooie er ad.
There was not red hats at all on them, there was feathers on them.

H. Boyde
Clooie, cha row edd erbee ec ny ferrishyn.
Feathers, there was no hats at all at the fairies.

J. Kneen
Cha row.
Was not.

H. Boyde
Aw, cha ren mee rieau fakin ad.
Aw, I did not ever see them.

J. Kneen
Dy jarroo wooinney.
Indeed man.

(Transcribed and translated by Walter Clarke, Ramsey)

Language: Manx

Collection: Sound Archive

Level: WHOLE

ID number: SA 0579/2/4


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