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Skeealyn Vannin, Disk 2 Track 06i: Conversation: John Kneen, Ballaugh, with Mark Braide and Charles (Chalse) Craine

Date(s): 1948

Creator(s): Irish Folklore Commission

Transcript: M. Braide
Goll toshiaght nish.
Go, start now.

J. Kneen
Vel eh goll?
Is it going?

C. C. Craine
Ta. Ta. T’eh goll.
Yes. Yes. It is going

J. Kneen
Well, tra va mee dooinney aeg, wooinney, ta mee er fakin sleih goll
Well, when I was a young man, man, I have seen people going

gys ny sleityn dy giarey moain ayns ny keeadyn v’ad cur lesh moain
to the mountain to cut turf in the hundreds, they were bringing turf

voish Sniaul sheese gys Skylley Vreeshey ny feedyn as feedyn dy laad jeh,
from Snaefell down to Kirk Bride hundreds and hundreds of loads of it,

as eisht v’ad jannoo creagh jeh as freayll eh son y geurey,
as then they were making stacks of it and keeping it for the winter,

as eisht wooinney, v’ad, aw, cha row ad goaill geayl erbee ayns ny laghyn shen,
and then man they were - they were not taking coal at all in those days,

va nane saagh jannoo ayns Rhumsaa hene,
there was one vessel in Ramsey itself,

v’eh jannoo kiare ny queig ny veeghyn, ooilley voain v’ad loshtey er yn aile,
it was doing four or five months, all turf they were burning on the fire,

as nish cha nel veg jeh shen goll er jannoo, t’ad ooilley ersooyl er y geayl.
and now there is nothing of that going and doing, they are all away on the coal.

C. C. Craine
Gow shiu er, gow shiu er, t’ou jannoo mie agglagh!
Go you on, go you on, you are doing good awful!

nish mygeayrt yn curragh tra v’ou giarey aynshen.
now about the curragh when you were cutting there.

J. Kneen
And they were... v’ad goll dys yn curreeyn dy giarey voain as v’ad
And they were... they were going to the curraghs to cut turf as they were

stampey lesh yn cabbyl as va’n shenn ven cheet
stamping it with the horse, and the old women were coming

dy jannoo yn bonnag? jeh as v’ad eisht goll as jannoo eh
to make bonnags? of it and they were then going and doing

ayns roaghyn son dy geddyn eh chirrym, eisht v’ad goll as
it in rows for to get it dry, then they were going
cur lesh eh thie, aw, shen ooilley ta mee, ta mee toiggal mygeayrt eh.
and bringing it home, aw, that is all I am, I am understanding about it.

M. Braide
Shen ooilley.
That is all.

(Transcribed and translated by Walter Clarke, Ramsey)

Language: Manx

Collection: Sound Archive

Level: WHOLE

ID number: SA 0579/2/6i


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