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Skeealyn Vannin, Disk 2 Track 12i: Conversation: Ned Maddrell, Glen Chass, Rushen with John (Jack) Gell

Date(s): 1948

Creator(s): Irish Folklore Commission

Transcript: J. Gell
Nagh vel bardagh ayd Ned? Cre mysh yn fer shen mysh coayl yn Brig Lily?
Is there not a song/poem at you Ned? What about that one about the loss of the Brig Lily?

W. Clarke note: original by John Nelson - “The Brig Lily” ballad

N. Maddrell
Well, ta, ta ronnaghyn aym jeh shen,
Well there is, there is verses at me of that,

Blein hoght cheead jeig, ghaa yeig as daeed,
The year eighteen hundred and fifty two,

yn atchim shoh nagh bione dooin lhied,
this awfulness was not known to us before,

jeih deiney as feed dy jeean va stroit,
ten men and twenty looked like being destroyed,

lesh poodyr as aile feer doaltaitt.
with powder and fire very quickly.

Brig Lily va’ee woish Liverpool,
Brig Lily it was from Liverpool,

gys Africa va’ee kiarit goll
to Africa she was intending going

as sterrym mooar ren geiyrt ee chionn,
and a great storm did follow her quickly,

stiagh er yn Ellan Kitterland.
in on the Isle Kitterland.

Ny deiney shoh v’ad loayrit riu,
The men here were talking together,

son dy sauail yn Brig as stoo
for to save the Brig and cargo

as roish va traa oc sauail veg,
and before there was time at them to save anything,

hie Brig as deiney seose jeh’n Creg.
the Brig and men went up on the rock.

Shen ooilley ta aym jeh shen.
That’s all that’s at me of that.

J. Gell
Vel red erbee elley ayd?
Is there anything else at you?

N. Maddrell
Aw, ta, mysh yn coayl yn …. Baatyn Skeddan
Aw, there is, about the loss of the…. Herring Boats

J. Gell
Baatyn Skeddan?
Herring Boats?

N. Maddrell
Oh, my guillyn vie ta shin nish ec y thie,
Oh, my good boys you are now at the house,

Cha jig mayd gys yn aarkey ny sodjey,
We will not come to the sea further,

Cha jean mayd jarrood yn sterrym haink shin trooid,
We will not forget the storm we came through,

At anchor er baie Purt le Moirrey.
At anchor in Port St. Mary bay.

Dooyrt Neddy Hom Ruy, dy row eh sheidey feer creoi
Said Neddy Hom Ruy, that it was blowing very hard

As cha baare dooin yn caabyl dy giarey
As we had better not cut the cable

‘Cha jean, ’ dooyrt Chalse beg.
‘Do not, ‘said little Charles.

‘Bee main stiagh er y creg,
‘We will be in on the rocks,

As ooilley cailt ayns ny tonnyn ny marrey’.
And all lost in the waves of the sea’.

Yn “Good Intent”
The “Good Intent”

V’ee baatey mie jeant,
She was a boat well made,

mie plankit voish toshiaght gys jerrey.
well planked from beginning to end.

She sheshaght feer voal,
It was a company very poor,

va er yn “Midsummer” goll
was on the “Midsummer” going

As Neddy Tom Beg va’n fer smessey.
And Neddy Tom Beg was the worst one.

Shen ooilley t’aym,,
That is all that’s at me.

J. Gell
Vel shiu cooinaghtyn red erbee scruit ec y dooinney woish y sleityn ayn shen?
Are you remembering anything written at the man from the mountains there?

N. Maddrell
Tom Dipper? Aw, cha nel, cha nel, cha nel.
Tom Dipper? Aw, there's not, there's not, there's not.

Tra va mee guilley beg, hie mee magh gys y skeddan un oie,
When I was a little boy, I went out to the herring one night,

ayns baatey enmyssit “Yn Puffin”, hie shin voish Purt Chiarn,
in a boat named, “The Puffin”, we went from Port Erin,

va shiaght deiney ayn jee, as cha row un ’ockle dy Baarle loayrt,
there was seven men in her, and there was not one word of English spoken,

ooilley Gailck, cha dooar shin monney skeddan,
all Manx, we did not get many herring,

as yn moghree lurg shen, ren shin cheet stiagh gys Purt Chiarn reesht.
and the morning after that, we did come in to Port Erin again.

As ren ad, yn skeddan va harrish, liorish,
And they did, the herring that were over (left), by them,

lurg va’n skeddan creckit, v’ad goaill eh thie,
after the herring (catch) was sold, they were taking them home

as ren ad jannoo shiaght “oaleeyn” jeh,
and they did make seven “heaps” of them

as dooyrt nane jeh ny deiney, dys fer elley, chyndaa dty ghreeym,
and said one of the men to another one, turn your back

as ren eh jannoo shen, as dooyrt yn mainshter,
and he did that, and said the skipper/master,

‘Cre’n ayrn ta shoh? Ta shen Cannell, quoi yn ayrn ta shoh?
‘Whose part is this? That’s Cannell’s, whose portion is this?

Chalse Nixon, quoi yn ayrn ta shoh? Thom Homan,
Charles Nixon, whose part is this? Tom Shimmin,

quoi yn ayrn ta shoh? dhyt-hene, quoi yn ayrn ta shoh? Tommy Kelly.
who’s part is this? Yourself, who’s part is this? Tommy Kelly.

Ren ad chym’ ad oilley seose ayns sack beg, as cur lesh ad thie, son oo-hene.
They did gather them all up in a small sack, and they brought them home, for themselves. (Winter stock)

(Transcribed and translated by Walter Clarke, Ramsey)

Language: Manx

Collection: Sound Archive

Level: WHOLE

ID number: SA 0579/2/12i


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