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Skeealyn Vannin, Disk 5 Track 03ii: Speaker: Lillie Duggan, Port St Mary

Date(s): 1948

Creator(s): Irish Folklore Commission

Transcript: Oul’ Bobby Bob by ‘Juan Noa’

‘Ave you ever heard tell of oul’ Bobby-Bob,
An’ his woman, Margat Ann?
She used to call him an awkward big slob,
If the buthar’d slip urrov his han’.
An’, bless me sowl, the fuss she’d make
When he’d slaa it (with his thumb) on the soda cake!

“Bobby-Bob, thou slob,” she’d bawl,
“Where-avar was thou brought up at all ?”
But Bobby would seldom answer her back,
But eat away till his lips would smack.
“Don’t noise like the muckyn when thou eat,
An’ put thy skedthan down on thy plate!”
An’ Bobby would say, that quiet an’ slow -

“Am purrin’ it where it was meant to go.”
Now, Bobby wa’n a bad surt at all,
But mighty fon’ of a drop, for all.
But they’re sayin’ her constant naggin’ an’ frown
Sent Bobby to town his troubles to drown.
Aw, an’ then herself would be on his track
To give him cur-da when he’d come back;
But that’s where Margat vogh was stuck -
Like warther on the wing of a duck !

At las’ she says, A’ll cure him thaw -
A’ll give me boul’ Bobby-Bob ‘what-for’.
So, the nex’ time Bobby went to town,
Herself, with a friggan, prowled aroun’,
An’ worked herself all into a fidge,
Then off she goes to the Dollagh bridge;
An’ waited there for Bobby to come,
Sayin’ “A’ll cure th’oul rascal of his rum!”

But Margat had’n’ to wait that long
For yanda was Bobby ‘comin’ strong’ -
For the narra bridge, makin’ his way,
Jus’ like a ship in a heavy sea.
“I’ll friken him urrov his skin,” she said,
Then flung a sheet right over her head,
An’ rushed to meet him with a scream,
Before he was half-way over the stream.

“A’ve come to claim thee, Bobby Cowle -
Come thou with me, for I’m the Jouyll !”
Aw, ’deed, thaw,” says Bobby; and blinks an’ leers;
“Aw, give’s thee han’, bogh - Friken ? - no fears;
A’ve lived with thy sister for forty years!”

Language: Manx

Collection: Sound Archive

Level: WHOLE

ID number: SA 0579/5/3ii


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