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Interview with Mrs Gladys Kneale about her early life in Baldwin

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Date(s): 14 June 1990

Scope & Content: Track 1: Mrs Gladys Kneale talks about her early life in Baldwin, Isle of Man. She talks about going to Hilberry to watch the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy (TT) races and Manx Grand Prix (MGP) races; four bikes kept in the back yard; motorcar racing; racing accident at Creg Ny Baa; visitors to the island for the racing and how busy it was and how hard for visitors to find accommodation; boarding houses in Rosemount, Osborne Grove and Mona Street; coaches and open charabancs touring the island; the island during the Second World War and the internees; barbed wire on the promenade; Jonathan in the Scots Guards; first time she went on the train to Crosby aged 13; Douglas station being busy; going on the electric tram when she was 17 or 18 and used to visit her boyfriend (later her husband) in Laxey and tells the story of how they met and married; Kirk Braddan open air Sunday services; concerts on Douglas Head and swimming baths at Port Jack and Port Skillion; talk of 'barring the school master' at end of term; attending matinees at picture houses (cinemas) in Strand Street and the Empire in Regent Street; Pearl White; games played as a child; going barefoot to school; Emma Clarke; Jack Gelling the schoolmaster, teacher Annie Quayle who had just died aged 103 and Mr Pitt; Manx Gaelic speakers including her husband's family; food; bread strike; Murray's Bakers and Daniel Shimmin; differences between people from the north and the south of the island; Stevie Jackson of Grenaby and his ice cream cart.

Track 2: Mrs Kneale talks about going to Baldwin school aged 8 across the fields from Abbeylands and recalls school days, lessons, clothes worn, clogs, button boots and the food eaten at school; teachers; Abbeylands Sunday School and attending church; mother dying in 1909; story about a barrel of apples at Christmas; special occasion 'treats' with Sunday school; Nina; leaving school at 14 and keeping house and then going to work for Willy Brew the draper; Mr Sayle the draper; cable car in Bucks Road and walking into Douglas via Crellin's Hill; Douglas town centre, market place and shops; the ferries to Douglas Head and the entertainment; Dougie Buxton; train to Port Soderick and Marine Drive trams; travelling to Liverpool on the ferry with Uncle Jim; father going to Orkney Isles on a fishing boat and the fish sold on the quayside; entertainment such as dancing at the Palais and Villa Marina during the war; and having four TT riders staying with her.

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Extent: 58 min. 41 sec.

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