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2009 Post Classic 2 stroke MGP

Course name: Mountain (post 1914)

Course length: 113.19 miles (3 laps)


1Mateer, Brian1:07:59.0099.898Yamaha
2Hamilton, Ewan1:12:11.0094.064Yamaha
3Coward, Paul1:12:55.0093.121Maxton
4Martin, Dean1:15:12.0090.297Yamaha
5Jackson, Tom1:16:33.0088.711Yamaha
6Russell, Tony1:16:48.0088.421Yamaha
7Glass, Derek1:17:41.0087.416Yamaha
8Welch, Paul1:18:31.0086.49Yamaha
9Main, Kevin1:25:52.0079.092Yamaha
RMcGurk, PhilipYamaha
RRichardson, RoyYamaha


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