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1924 Ultra Lightweight TT

Course name: Mountain (post 1914)

Course length: 113.19 miles (3 laps)


1Porter, Jock2:12:40.4051.2New Gerrard
2Morgan, F. George2:17:11.4049.51Cotton
3Stead, Chris2:17:39.8049.34Cotton
4Davison, Geoff2:23:00.4047.49Levis
5Brockbank, Harry2:26:59.0046.21Cotton
6Meeten, Tommy2:44:43.0041.24Francis Barnett
7Smith, B.B.2:51:59.0039.5Wee McGregor
8Oates, J-Graham2:54:32.0038.92Powell
9Bennett, Alec2:57:09.0038.35Diamond
10Young, Dan3:07:07.0036.3Wee McGregor
11Prentice, Doug3:10:10.0035.72McKenzie
RJohnston, PaddyCotton
RBlack, NormanOmega
RKuhn, GusOmega
RHandley, WalRex Acme
RDownes, F.F.Wee McGregor
RGreenwood, ArthurPowell


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