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1928 M.A.R.R.C. Junior MGP

Course name: Mountain (post 1914)

Course length: 226.38 miles (6 laps)


1Meageen, Harry3:40:36.0061.58Rex Acme
2Hanson, J.3:44:19.006.56Velocette
3Chrystal, D.M.3:54:27.0057.95Velocette
4Birch, Wilfred3:54:29.0057.94Sunbeam
5Jackson, D.4:01:18.0056.3Velocette
6Kilburn, F.T.4:07:04.0054.99Rex Acme
7Jones, R.A.4:17:03.0052.85Velocette
8Lowe, J.R.4:38:37.0048.76Cotton
9Lees, S.4:41:09.0048.29Sunbeam
10Weston, Rob4:49:17.0046.28HRD
11Jones, W.L.5:00:10.0045.26Velocette
RAshley, A.Excelsior
RBacon, BertChater Lea
RBentley, R.G.BSA
RByrne, JimAJS
RCullis, T.C.Sunbeam
REmery, GilbertSunbeam
RHogg, ArnoldOK Supreme
RHutchings, L.A.Velocette
RMiddleton, T.E.Rex Acme
RNeedham, C.E.New Hudson
RWhittle, W.L.Grindlay Peerless
RWilson, G.W.Sunbeam
RWilson, W.L.Cotton
RHunt, TimLevis


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