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1930 Lightweight TT

Course name: Mountain (post 1914)

Course length: 264.25 miles (7 laps)


1Guthrie, Jimmy4:04:56.0064.71AJS
2Johnston, Paddy4:07:22.0064.7OK
3Barrow, Cecil4:09:27.0063.54OK
4Gleave, Sid4:10:02.0063.39SGS
5Lind, Jimmy4:10:46.0063.21AJS
6Mellors, Ted4:11:59.0062.9New Imperial
7Twemlow, Eddie4:14:35.0062.26Cotton
8Tattersall, Chris4:19:06.0061.17SGS
9Needham, C.E.4:20:14.006.91Rex Acme
10Anstice, Vic4:21:56.006.51Excelsior
11Himing, George4:34:15.0057.79Rudge
12Blackburn, Joe4:39:48.0056.65Excelsior
13Vare, P.A.E.4:53:26.0054.2Rex Acme
RDavenport, LeoAJS
REmery, GilbertCotton
RTwemlow, KennethCotton
RCrabtree, L.C.Excelsior
REnnevor, AllanExcelsior
RWilliams, StuartNew Imperial
RHall, DonOK
RLongman, FrankOK
RSarkis, JoeOK
RSikes, SomervilleOK
RWhalley, JimRudge
RFondu, JulesLa Mondiale
RAdams, JackMontgomery
RFranconi, FrancescoUniversal
RPorter, JockNew Gerrard
RHandley, WalRex Acme
RCrabtree, SydExcelsior


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