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1930 Junior MGP

Course name: Mountain (post 1914)

Course length: 226.38 miles (6 laps)


1Pirie, Douglas J.3:40:26.0061.63Velocette
2Harding, Wilf3:40:54.0061.5Velocette
3Frith, Freddie3:45:10.006.34Velocette
4Levings, Harold3:51:20.0058.73Velocette
5Forbes, Jock3:59:06.0056.82Velocette
6Bookless, T.L.4:01:59.0056.14Velocette
7Forman, E.4:04:46.0055.51Velocette
8Armytage, R.D.4:06:03.0055.22Velocette
9McDermid, R.A.4:12:17.0053.85Cotton Blackburne
10Jordan, Noel4:15:48.0053.11AJS
11Cornes, W.4:16:32.0052.96Rex Acme
12Moorhouse, R.S.4:17:40.0052.72Norton
13Carr, Jack4:18:42.0052.52Velocette
14Riley, W.4:19:40.0052.32Sunbeam
15Whitehead, W.E.4:27:47.005.73Sunbeam
16Macintosh, A.4:29:19.0050.45Velocette
17Fleet, J.A.4:46:32.0047.41AJS
18Robson, N.4:52:24.0046.47New Hudson
RBickell, BenChater Lea
RClay, J.F.Velocette
RCorney, G.Raleigh
RCroft, NormanNorton
RCrossland, M.E.Velocette
RHarris, RonAJS
RHewstone, W.J.Velocette
RHodgson, A.L.AJS
RHogg, ArnoldOK Supreme
RKilburn, G.A.Rex Acme
RLennie, G.H.Velocette
RMcLeslie, Jack
RMonk, E.W.New Hudson
RMuir, JockVelocette
RNichol, F.AJS
RParker, R.Velocette
RParrish, B.Velocette
RPoyser, D.R.Sunbeam
RReynolds, L.R.OK Supreme
RRoberts, E.L.Grindlay Peerless
RStobart, R.Cotton Blackburne
RPotts, JoeAJS
RSmith, G.Montgomery
RHill, W.Levis
RBurgess, F.SGS


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