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1931 Lightweight TT

Course name: Mountain (post 1914)

Course length: 264.25 miles (7 laps)


1Walker, Graham3:49:47.0068.98Rudge
2Smith, Tyrell3:52:13.0068.26Rudge
3Mellors, Ted3:57:08.0066.84New Imperial
4Nott, Ernie3:57:34.0066.72Rudge
5Longman, Frank4:00:11.0065.99OK
6Ghersi, Mario4:01:33.0065.62New Imperial
7Williams, Stuart4:02:01.0065.49New Imperial
8Johnston, Paddy4:05:21.0064.6Guzzi
9Needham, C.E.4:10:19.0063.32OK
10Taylor, Colin4:10:30.0063.27OK
11Adams, Jack4:20:59.0060.73Montgomery
12Boudin, George4:23:40.0060.11CTS
13Duncan, R.4:28:33.0059.02Excelsior
REmery, GilbertCotton
RFairweather, JockCotton
RTattersall, ChrisCTS
RAnstice, VicExcelsior
RDodson, CharlieExcelsior
RKitchen, BillExcelsior
RMitchell, AlecExcelsior
RMonk, E.W.Excelsior
RWarburton, HaroldExcelsior
RGhersi, PietroGuzzi
RDavenport, LeoNew Imperial
RBarrow, CecilOK
RBryant, TomOK
RHiming, GeorgeOK
RMitchell, HirstOK
RSarkis, JoeOK
RBeck, James JnrDiamond
RBrittain, VicDiamond
RGleave, SidDiamond
RFondu, JulesLa Mondiale
RManders, CharlieLevis
RFranconi, FrancescoMontgomery
RLester, HarrySOS
RMeageen, HarryGrindlay Peerless
RPorter, JockNew Gerrard
RCrabtree, SydExcelsior
RGuthrie, JimmyOK
RWood, G.W.Excelsior


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