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1931 Junior MGP

Course name: Mountain (post 1914)

Course length: 226.38 miles (6 laps)


1Pirie, Douglas J.3:15:13.0069.59Velocette
2Carr, Jack3:19:57.0067.95New Imperial
3Hartley, Harold3:21:51.0067.31Rudge
4Widdall, H.3:23:49.0066.66Rudge
5McLeslie, Jack3:28:57.0065.02
6Harris, Ron3:31:18.0064.29Norton
7Forman, E.3:32:33.0063.92Velocette
8Moorhouse, R.S.3:32:53.0063.82Norton
9Emery, S.J.3:33:16.0063.7Velocette
10Warburton, T.S.3:34:24.0063.37New Imperial
11Lea, Eric3:35:56.0062.92Velocette
12Whittingham, D.J.P.3:37:52.0062.36AJS
13Dresser, H.C.W.3:38:27.0062.19Levis
14Shiers, R.3:52:42.0058.38Sunbeam
RAdcock, H.Raleigh
RBucknall, A.G.AJS
RClay, J.F.Velocette
RCooke, HarryVelocette
RGoddard, SydGoddard Levis
RHarris, C.L.R.Velocette
RHodgson, A.L.Velocette
RKirby, HaroldMontgomery
RLamacraft, HarryVelocette
RLennie, G.H.Velocette
RMuir, JockVelocette
RMunks, AustinVelocette
RParsons, LenSunbeam
RPlevin, SidSunbeam
RRigg, W.H.Sunbeam
RStewart, A.D.Rudge
RStranger, W.L.AJS
RWheller, H.J.DOT
RWilkinson, J.C.Rudge
RWills, SidRudge
RMills, HerbieOK Supreme
RNewman, HaroldVelocette
RWhite, J.H. CrasherVelocette
RHill, W.Levis
RCann, MauriceVelocette
RHarding, WilfVelocette
RFletcher, JackSunbeam


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