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1932 Lightweight TT

Course name: Mountain (post 1914)

Course length: 264.25 miles (7 laps)


1Davenport, Leo3:44:53.0070.48New Imperial
2Walker, Graham3:46:13.0070.07Rudge
3Handley, Wal3:46:53.0069.86Rudge
4Spann, Tommy3:52:55.0068.05New Imperial
5Tattersall, Chris4:01:36.0065.61CTS
6Fairweather, Jock4:06:10.0064.39Cotton
7Lind, Jimmy4:13:43.0062.47OK
8Warburton, Harold4:26:42.0059.43Excelsior
RJohnston, PaddyCotton
RTolley, HowardCotton
RLongman, FrankExcelsior
RBoudin, GeorgeNew Imperial
RBarrow, CecilOK
RGurd, SlessorOK
RSarkis, JoeOK
RHiming, GeorgeRudge
RKitchen, BillRudge
RNott, ErnieRudge
RCrabtree, SydExcelsior
RRobinson, J.Excelsior
RTaylor, ColinOK
RWilliams, JackRudge


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