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1935 Lightweight MGP

Course name: Mountain (post 1914)

Course length: 226.38 miles (6 laps)


1Harris, Ron3:18:06.0068.58Norton
2Rowell, Harold3:29:20.0064.9Rudge
3Cadman, Frank3:32:32.0063.92New Imperial
4Cogan-Verney, T.3:32:47.0063.85New Imperial
5Moore, C.V.3:37:34.0062.41New Imperial
6Leach, Ken3:37:51.0062.36Excelsior
7Longstaff, J.3:39:00.0062.04CTS
8Edwards, Robin J.3:42:53.0060.95Cotton
9Meikle, J.3:45:34.0060.23Excelsior
RBrett, CharlieExcelsior
RDrew, FrankOK Supreme
RDurno, CharlesCotton
REngland, LoftyCotton
RHigginbottom, B.E.New Imperial
RLongstaff, LawrenceCTS
RPearson, A.Excelsior
RSugg, J.M.Sunbeam
RWarren, PipNew Imperial
RWebster, G.W.Sunbeam
RWillows, J.H.SOS JAP
RParkinson, DenisExcelsior
RHartley, HaroldRudge
RWeston, RobRudge


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