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1936 Lightweight TT

Course name: Mountain (post 1914)

Course length: 264.25 miles (7 laps)


1Foster, Bob3:33:22.0074.28New Imperial
2Smith, Tyrell3:38:34.0072.51Excelsior
3Geiss, Arthur3:38:37.0072.49DKW
4Fairweather, Jock3:45:53.0070.16Cotton
5Manders, Charlie3:47:48.0069.57Excelsior
6Corfield, Walter3:49:47.0068.97Excelsior
7Hartley, Harold3:54:29.0067.59Rudge
8Sorensen, Sven3:56:04.0067.13Excelsior
9Lamacraft, Harry3:57:21.0066.77Excelsior
10Galway, Johnny3:58:04.0066.57Excelsior
11Kellas, Sandy4:00:48.0065.81New Imperial
12Simo, Miguel4:05:32.0064.55Terrot
13Lowther, G.S.4:07:52.0063.94OK
RJohnston, PaddyCotton
RMartin, LesCotton
RTattersall, ChrisCTS
RCroft, NormanExcelsior
RLeach, KenExcelsior
RArcher, Les J.New Imperial
RDurno, CharlesNew Imperial
RMoore, C.V.New Imperial
RGoddard, SydOK Supreme
RSmith, StanOK
RPeeney, TomDunelt
RBickell, BenBickell JAP
RSteinbach, OttoDKW
RWood, GingerNew Imperial
RNewman, HaroldRudge
RMellors, TedCotton
RWilliams, JackNew Imperial
RWoods, StanleyDKW


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