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1948 Clubman Lightweight TT

Course name: Mountain (post 1914)

Course length: 113.19 miles (3 laps)


1Lockwood, Monty1:44:37.6064.93Excelsior
2Dehany, Bill1:47:13.8063.35Excelsior
3Carvill, Ron1:48:38.0062.53Triumph
4Crighton, A.G.1:52:24.0060.44Velocette
5Smith, J.1:55:33.4058.79Velocette
6Cope, Frank1:57:28.2057.82Velocette
7Downing, H.J.1:58:08.4057.5Velocette
8Henthorn, Arnold2:02:17.2055.55Velocette
RWarburton, HaroldExcelsior
RJenness, BillTriumph
RMcVeigh, JackTriumph
RBrereton, D.W.N.Velocette
RTelfer, IanVelocette
RWakefield, GeorgeVelocette
RFletcher, FrankExcelsior


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