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1950 Clubman Senior TT

Course name: Mountain (post 1914)

Course length: 150.92 miles (4 laps)

Description: Race report from the IOM Weekly Times 10 Jun 1950 (p. 8) below which is a full list of competitors:

Thousands of spectators round the famous T.T. course witnessed four thrilling races in the Clubman’s T.T. on Wednesday. Speeds were not as high as last year, but improved as the races continued. The Senior reached a thrilling climax when I.B. Wicksteed, who had been leading throughout on his Triumph, retired at the Quarter Bridge in the last lap with a split petrol tank after establishing a good lead, and as spectators on the Grandstand got to their feet to acclaim the second man, H. Plews (Norton) the winner, it was announced that he had run out of petrol at Governor’s Bridge and lost his lead. Plews came panting up the road to push his machine over the finishing line accompanied by H I Williams (Norton) who had also run out of petrol after lying sixth. They crossed the line practically together.
Winner was P.H. Carter (Norton) at a speed of 75.60 m.p.h., who, although he had not been mentioned in the first six in the first lap, crept into fourth place in the third lap and went on to win.
Only one local rider finished the course. He was veteran Herbie Mills, from Onchan, mounted on a Triumph, who was eleventh.
The 1000c.c. race was won by a Scot, A. Phillip, from Angus (speed 78.58 m.p.h.) after Alexander had had hard luck through plug trouble, but he carried on to finish second.
The Lightweight Race was uneventful, and was won by veteran Frank Fletcher, from Horsforth, Leeds, at a speed of 66.89 m.p.h.
The Junior laurels went to B.A. Jackson (B.S.A.) at 74.25 m.p.h., after a race during which there were many changes on the leader board.

The Start, Wednesday.
Fears that the Clubmans TT instituted by the Auto-Cycle Union in 1947, would have a delayed start today because of the thick sea mist which was rolling in from the sea were dispelled just before zero hour at 10.30, when it was reported that from the Start to Ramsey conditions were good. There was a slight breeze, with some sea mist well above the course, and up to the mountain box conditions were perfect. There was slight sea mist on the Verandah near the Bunglalow, but it did not affect visibility, which deteriorated after the Brandywell Road down to 100 to 80 yards. Wind was about 15 to 20 m.p.h. and it was expected that conditions would improve. The Stewards reviewed all weather reports and decided that the races should start at the scheduled time.

The Senior
There were seven non-starters in the Senior Race. That left 58 men on the road. They were dispatched within 5 minutes and they were given the signal to start in batches of four at 20 second intervals. More engines refused to fire when the kick starter was used, than responded, with the result that there was a line of drivers at the side of the pits still doing their utmost to get away whilst their predecessors were speeding along the course. Senior numbers started at 20 and finished at 85. There were three Manx competitors in the race, J. Curphey (Triumph), R. V. Hunt (Triumph) and H. L. Mills (Triumph)

When the times became available, it was seen that Wicksteed (Norton) led the field, with Boynton (Norton) second; he had also done well in the practices. Third man was Herbert, also on a Norton, and these three men were the only ones to complete the lap in under 30 minutes. The first man to complete the course, Hill (Triumph) had lapped in 30 mins. 1sec., and Featherstone (Triumph) second man through the Start, was a second behind him, and the third man Brookes (B.S.A.) returned a time of 30 mins. 22secs. Then came the news that a R. Hunt (Norton), a Manxman from Castletown, had caught a packet at Ballaugh Bridge due his front brake binding. The news at the start was that he had escaped with superficial cuts and was otherwise O.K. but was out of the race.

Second Lap
There were changes in the positions of the men in this circuit, with Wicksteed still going strong. Boynton’s position clock was stuck ominously at Michael, and it was not until 11.45 that we learnt he had packed up at Glen Trammon with engine trouble. M.S. Featherstone (Triumph) who had been running fifth man, had to call it a day at Ballacraine, as his petrol tank had split, and J.E. Brookes (B.S.A.) running sixth, had not been clocked in at Michael. It looked as if Wicksteed was walking away with the race. His lap time for this circuit was 29 minutes 4 seconds.With weather conditions on this side of the course decidedly misty, it was most unlikely that his performance would be excelled by any of the other riders.

Third Lap
Wicksteed had now a lead of 1 ½ minutes over the second man Herbert, and the third man, Hill, had done the two laps in 59 mins. 32 secs. Carter (Norton), who was in fourth place, returned a time of 59 mins. 53 secs. for the first two laps, and these were the only men to complete the two laps in under the hour. In the fifth place was Arber (Norton), who had taken 1 hour 16 secs. for the two laps, and he was followed by Williams (Norton) returning a time of 1hr. 4 mins. 43 secs. As will be seen from these times, there was a terrific time lag between the first and sixth man. Much amusement was caused at the Start by the announcement that R.E. Paxton (Triumph), who had retired at the Bungalow on the first lap, was returning by way of the Mountain railway track to Laxey, and then along the main road to Douglas. From Cronk-ny-Mona, Mr David Lay said that Wicksteed was cornering exceptionally well and that as the race progressed the speeds at the corner were hotting up. H.L. Mills (Triumph) was doing very nicely. He finished the third circuit about 12.10 pm but J. Curphey, also astride a Triumph, retired somewhere between the Start and Ballacraine. No information was available at the Start as to the reason why he had packed up. Mills was now the only Manxman left in the race. On this circuit Wicksteed, the leader, accomplished the fastest lap of the race 28 mins. 29secs. (79.57 m.p.h.).

The Finish
Murmurs of sympathy went up from the crowd when it was announced that Wicksteed, who had been leading throughout, had packed up just beyond Quarterbridge with a split petrol tank. The lead now went to H. Plews (Norton), but he was not to enjoy that position long because just as we were ready to acclaim him the winner, Commentator David Lay reported that Plews’ engine was misfiring very badly and he had to push in from Governor’s Bridge due to lack of petrol. H.L. Williams (Norton), who had been running in sixth place had similar bad luck and actually both he and Plews pushed their machines over the finishing line practically together.
Herbert, who had been running second man in the second lap had mysteriously disappeared from the leader board and was ultimately seen at the Start, having retired. No reason was given. J. Fisher (Triumph) came off at Windy Corner and lacerated the left side of his face. Unfortunately, the announcement had previously been made that he had crashed at Cruickshank’s Corner and was unhurt. Actually that happened to R.F. Keen, on a Triumph. First man to finish the Senior distance was A. Hill, on a Triumph, who people at the Start had more or less looked upon as being the potential winner until the times were sorted out. Actually P.H. Carter (Norton) won the race. He had not been mentioned in the first six during the first lap, but was fifth man in the second lap and fourth in the third, then he went on to win with Hill as runner-up. Thirty-six riders finished the race.
H. Mills was the only Manx competitor to finish the course, his aggregate time being 2 hr. 7min. 25 secs.


1Carter, Phil1:59:50.4075.6Norton
2Hill, Alan2:00:17.0075.3Triumph
3Dixon, Ken2:01:29.2074.57Norton
4Arber, Ivor2:01:43.8074.41Norton
5Kerr, Robert2:03:10.4073.56Norton
6Passmore, Fred2:05:38.4072.08Norton
7Johnstone, Andrew2:06:07.6071.82Triumph
8Fetherston, Phil2:07:14.2071.78Triumph
9Plews, Harry2:07:23.0071.09Norton
10Williams, Don2:07:24.0071.08Norton
11Mills, Herbie2:07:25.0071.07Triumph
12Rowbottom, Bob2:07:42.2070.94Triumph
13Bogie, David2:07:51.6070.83BSA
14Kempson, Ted2:08:05.0070.71Norton
15Coleman, Frank2:08:20.6070.57BSA
16Wright, John2:09:16.0070.07BSA
17Duncan, John2:10:17.0069.53BSA
18Buck, John2:11:23.0068.93Norton
19Dobson, Wilf2:13:13.0068Norton
20Carr, Jack2:14:40.0067.26BSA
21Southward, T.2:15:44.0066.72Triumph
22Wilkins, David2:15:45.0066.71Triumph
23Porter, James2:17:31.0065.89AJS
24Howard, Bill2:18:00.0065.64BSA
25Yates, Roy2:19:31.0064.94Norton
26Hyland, Victor2:19:38.0064.91Norton
27Bollington, James2:20:24.0064.51Triumph
28Newcombe, Len2:20:46.0064.36Triumph
29Kay, William2:21:41.0063.94BSA
30Wall, Harold2:22:29.0063.58Triumph
31Keen, Robert F.2:22:53.0063.4Triumph
32Parry, Frank2:22:58.0063.37Triumph
33Hillary, W.2:23:02.0063.34Triumph
34Newstead, Arthur2:23:20.0063.19AJS
35Ollerenshaw, Henry2:23:57.0062.92HRD
36Gilbert, Ted2:25:56.0062.07Triumph
ExcPilling, RegTriumph
RMillar, Denis C.AJS
RBoynton, JohnNorton
RHerbert, AngusNorton
RPollitt, ArthurNorton
RAustin, RolandTriumph
RAvis, StanleyTriumph
RCollings, FredTriumph
RFeatherstone, MickTriumph
RHird, MauriceTriumph
RHunt, Roger V.Triumph
RJames, G.R.A.Triumph
RPaxton, RogerTriumph
RWorkman, WilfTriumph
RBeck, HarryVincent HRD
RGadd, Albert D.Vincent HRD
ROrton, JackVincent HRD
RCurphey, JohnTriumph
RBrookes, JohnBSA
RScott, CyrilNorton
RFisher, JohnTriumph
Rde Zylva, Wally F.Triumph


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