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1950 Clubman 1000 TT

Course name: Mountain (post 1914)

Course length: 150.92 miles (4 laps)

Description: Race report from the IOM Weekly Times 10 Jun 1950 (p. 8) below which is a full list of competitors:

Two Men Off at Bungalow

The Start, Wednesday
Only eleven men started in the 1,000 c.c. Race for the “Isle of Man Times” Cup, and it was soon evident that “S. Alexander” was making good time, with A. Phillip in second place. All riders were on Vincent H.R.D.s. At the Creg Phillip led the field and was closely followed by “Alexander,” who passed him before Cronk-ny-Mona. As they came roaring through the Start Phillip led by two lengths, but “Franklen” passed him about the St. Ninian’s end of the Grandstand.
“Alexander” led the race at the end of the first lap with a time of 29 mins. 17 secs. (77.33 mp.h.), and Phillip was 22 seconds behind him and in second place. C. Howkins was in third place with a time of 29 mins. 57 secs., and no one else was round in under the half – hour.

R. F. Organ and C. W. G. Taylor, who had been riding a neck -and-neck race, both came off at the Bungalow. J.B. Netherton telephoned in from the Bishop’s house to say that he was stopped at Bishopscourt with engine trouble, but hoped to proceed. Taylor had a suspected fracture of the collarbone and went with Organ in the ambulance to hospital after a trip by M.E.R. car to Laxey. Organ had head injuries.

“Alexander” held his lead in the second lap, still 20 seconds in front of Phillip, but he had to stop at Quarter Bridge on the third lap with plug trouble, and Howkins, in third place, gave up at Sulby Glen with engine trouble. “Alexander” was not having to seek his troubles, for he had a spill at Ramsey when chasing Phillip, but once again he got going and finished the lap.

With one lap to go Phillip led the race by 4 mins, 23 secs. from “Alexander,” and he could well afford to take things easy. F. Taylor was now in third place over three minutes behind “Alexander.” Phillip was reported to be riding well all round the course, and came in a comfortable winner at 78.58 m.p.h., faster than the winning time last year (76. 30 m.p.h.) by D. G. Lashmar (Vincent H.R.D.), but considerably slower than the 80.51 m.p.h. put up by J.D. Daniels, also on a Vincent, in 1948, when the 1,000 c.c.’s took part in the Senior race. Only seven men finished.


1Phillip, Alex1:55:18.0078.58HRD
2Alexander, John2:00:52.2074.94HRD
3Young, Fred2:05:39.4072.08HRD
4Lund, Gerald2:06:17.0071.74HRD
5Carr, Louis2:07:40.6070.94HRD
6Davis, Dion2:08:43.2070.39HRD
7Taylor, Frank2:12:45.2068.24HRD
RTaylor, CliffVincent
RHowkins, CharlieVincent HRD
RNetherton, JackVincent HRD
ROrgan, RoyVincent HRD


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