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1950 Junior MGP

Course name: Mountain (post 1914)

Course length: 226.38 miles (6 laps)

Description: Race report from the IOM Weekly Times 16 Sep 1950 (pp. 3-4) below which is a full list of competitors:

The toast in Ramsey and throughout the Island on Tuesday was "Don" Crossley, who at 41 years of age won the Junior Manx Grand Prix at record speed, and added the Junior to his win in the amateur "blue riband," the Senior Manx Grand Prix, two years ago. Well done, Don! This was the veteran’s day and his struggle with 20 year old Peter Romaine, of Derby, will long be remembered. At the end of two laps Romaine had a lead of 47 seconds over Crossley, and the young Derby man had averaged 82.72 m.p.h, up to that point, nearly 1 m.p.h., faster than Cromie McCandless's record speed in last year's race. On the second lap Romaine came within three-fifths of a second of McCandless's record lap last year, and at every point he was reported to be riding superbly. With half the race over Crossley had closed the gap slightly, knocking six seconds off Romaine's lead, but there was a sensation at the end of the fourth lap when Crossley, riding a non-stop race because of his huge petrol tank, jumped into the lead after Romaine had lost 21 precious seconds at his pit stop. The veteran Ramsey winner of the 1948 Senior Grand Prix had a lead of 9 seconds over Romaine with two laps to go. Then began a tense struggle -youth against experience. Crossley lapped in 27mins. 10 secs., within 2 seconds of the record, an amazing performance for a man of his age. Could youth peg him back? It did not. Crossley started on his last lap with a lead of 20 seconds. It looked as if the experience was to win the day, and so it proved.

The Start Tuesday.
The day broke clear, but there was an unwanted warning that rain might come in the afternoon with freshening winds. As the race would be over in early afternoon, those at the Start, together with thousands congregated around the course, hoped that weather conditions would hold for the 95 valiant riders who were taking part in this, the 21st anniversary of the greatest motor cycling sports meeting in the world. Machines had lain dormant since the weighing-out which went on to a late hour on Monday night. Shortly before 10 a.m. to-day they were claimed by the leather-clad riders, and then came the procession to the Start, which never fails to stir the imagination of the thousands of people who see it. The M.M.C.C. Race Committee, organisers of the meeting were "on their toes" from an early hour. Much work and much thought had been expended in preparing the stage for the speed battle. The consequence was that everything was ready for the Duel of speed to be fought out on the world's greatest motor cycle testing ground.

After the Lieut-Governor accompanied by the beloved president of the Club (the Rev. Cannnon E.H. Stenning) had mingled with the riders, the announcer said the competitors would find the wind troublesome on the mountain, but it was expected that the weather conditions would hold until after the conclusion of the race. They did.

Then came the news that D. Langton (Norton), had had the misfortune to break a valve spring on the way to the Start. As a Sporting gesture, it was decided that if he could effect repairs by the time the last man was dispatched, he would be allowed to start, but, unfortunate, Langton could not get his bike going, so he was a non-starter.
Just before 10-45, the Manx flag was held aloft by the starter and dead on time the maroon fired, the flag fell and No.1, B, A. Jackson (winner of the Clubman's Junior this year), was away but his luck did not hold, and he was still pushing his model as the succeeding riders were dispatched at 10-second intervals.

R. H. Sherry (A.J.S.) a likely man lost a few seconds getting away; R. M. Lucas (Velocette) was to put up a sporting performance. He broke the frame of his bike on the way to the Start and was using a friend's old Velocette. Peter Romaine (Norton), a fancied man, got away to a beautiful start. He disappeared from view towards the Bray Hill descent in real T.T. fashion. Another fanced rider D. G. Crossley (A.J.S.), lost about five seconds before his engine responded. It had been reported that his engine had sounded none too healthy going up Summer Hill towards the start. He had turned back, and a few minutes later made a second attempt with his engine still not going too well. Crossley had a tank big enough to hold sufficient petrol to make seven laps of the course, and he hoped he would not have to pull up for replenishment. Only man to start without a yellow racing jacket was H. J. Cronan (Norton), who lost his jacket on the way to the Start, and had his number painted on his black racing leathers.

K. W. Swallow (A.J.S) and C. Julian (Velo.) were the first men to meet mechanical trouble, with the exception of B. A. Jackson (B.S.A) who was delayed nearly 20 minutes before getting going, and both changed plugs at the Quarterbridge. Before long the tremendous field was strung out over the 37 3/4 mile course, the fastest men putting up prodigious speeds, and the slower men doing their best to catch up with them. J. W. Moore (A.J.S) stopped just past the Bungalow with mechanical trouble, and later retired. The first man through was D. Bogie (Velo.), and was soon followed by R. H. Sherry (A.J.S). P. Romaine (Norton) got past the two men at Hillberry, according to commentator David Lay, who said it was an exciting performance, and when Romaine came through the start it was found he had put up a lap time of 27 mins., 37 secs., and led the race from D. G. Crossley with 27 seconds in hand.

H. R. Penton (A) retired at Ramsey after a tumble, but the rider was O.K. and K. Willis (B.S.A) had stopped at the Bungalow with engine trouble. Two other competitors during this circuit also had involuntary stops, both of them effected repairs and continued.

Peter Romaine was having things his own way. He made this circuit in 27 mins., 8 secs., only one second outside the record, and commentator David Lay said when he passed him at Hillberry, Romaine's helmet was only about 2ft. from the commentator’s box. Romaine at that point wove his way through a bunch of riders practically on the corner, and led the way to Cronk-ny-Mona.

Creg-ny-Baa reported that the "star" there was Don Crossley. Sherry was riding extraordinarily well all round the course, but not well enough to catch H. J. Cox (Velocette), who on this circuit took over third place. Mechanical trouble found many riders, including A. W. D. Wood's (Velo.), who came off at Braddan, re-mounted, but ultimately packed up at Union Mills. Another rider to give up the unequal struggle was Cronan, who retired at the pits. One minute and 45 seconds had divided the first six men at the start of this lap, but Romaine's outstanding performance had done something to widen the gap. Romaine's average speed on this circuit was 83.45 m.p.h. Crossley was hotting up the pace and finished the lap in 27 mins. 28 secs., an average speed of 82.44 m.p.h. Cox had put up a time of 28 mins. 41 secs., an average speed of 78.94 m.p.h. His performance was the most consistent of any leader so far, and his average for the two laps was also 78.94 m.p.h. Sherry was now running fourth, and his time was 28 mins. 48 secs, an average speed of 78.62 and Crow's time was 28 mins. 39 secs., an average speed of 79.03 m.p.h. Jackson who was now on the leader board took 29 mins. 12 secs., (77,54m.p.h.), but he would have to look to his laurels, because Netherwood (A.J.S) was tieing with him for sixth place, having lapped in 28 mins. 54 secs (78 m.p.h.)

With an individual lap time of 27 minutes 22 seconds to his credit, Peter Romaine pulled in with half the distance covered to replenish. Would that stop rob him of ultimate victory? That was the problem facing the thousands of people watching his performance with admiration. Crossley's tank was big enough to enable him to finish the race non-stop and as his petrol was used we could expect the Ramsey man's time to be stepped up and his lap showed that it was so. He went round in 27 minutes 16 seconds with Cox- who was undoubtedly the dark horse of the race - still putting up a noteworthy and consistent performance.

Crossley had, however, whittled the lead to 41 seconds and unofficial timing had put Romaine down as having lost 21 seconds by taking in fuel. The lap leaders were the same as on the last circuit with the exception that Netherwood had wrested sixth place from J. F. Jackson, who was 18 seconds outside the leader board.
During this circuit N. W. White (Velocette) took a toss at Quarter Bridge, but was reported to be O.K., whilst many other riders had to pack up with engine trouble. Cox took 28 mins. 19 secs. for the lap; Sherry 28 mins. 38 secs; and Netherwood 28 mins. 57 secs.

The times of the Manx riders at the end of this circuit were: - R. V. Hunt 1 hr. 33mins. 26 secs; H. L. Mills, 1 hr.34 mins. 18 secs; D. Christian 1 hr. 28 mins. 53 secs; A, R. Capner, 1 hr. 28 mins. 53 secs; J, W. Moore retired on the second lap, and M. R. McGeagh on the third lap.

Sherry was yellow - flagged at Hilberry because another rider was having a little mechanical difficulty, and this lost him some seconds. Netherwood retired at Ballacraine with a broken finger - bad luck - after struggling into sixth place. It was reported that C. H. Fisher (A.J.S.) had had a dispute with the roadway at Signpost Corner and damaged his engine but the rider was O.K.

We waited impatiently to see how the two leading riders were doing on time, and then came the sensation of the race, Crossley was leading by nine seconds, with an individual lap time of 27 mins., 10 secs., - three seconds outside the record - whilst Romaine had taken 28 min., dead, but that included his pit stop of 21 seconds.
The leader board had changed almost entirely on this circuit, with Crossley leading and Romaine second. Sherry had stepped into third place with a lap of 29 mins., 41secs. Crow was fourth with 29 mins. 14 secs., and J. F. Jackson went up on the leader-board to fifth place with 29 mins. 58 secs., tieing with Julian who, it must not be forgotten, had been stopped in an earlier circuit to change a plug. When Cox pulled in it was obvious that something was wrong with his petrol pipe, and this cost him his place among the leaders.

News of further retirements came as the men setting the pace went away, giving a magnificent performance that was positively awe-inspiring. With Romaine batting towards Ramsey, Crossley was signalled at Kirk Michael. S. T. Seston (Norton) pulled into the pits with the remark after getting some petrol that it would be a "-----"pleasure to ride the model. He had pushed and coasted in from the Bungalow, as at that point his petrol had given out.

It was announced that R. Dearden (Norton) had packed up at Cruickshanks Corner with both wheels badly buckled. He approached the corner too fast, got into a wobble, mounted the pavement and rode along it with buckled wheels, hanging onto the handlebars. The rider was O.K.

At the end of this lap Crossley was leading by 20 seconds. The A.J.S machines which suffered cruelly in the T.T. proper looked as though they were coming into their own in the Junior M.G.P. The veteran was making a bid to add the Junior crown to his 1948 Senior win.
Individual lap times were: Crossley, 27.12; Romaine, 27.23; Sherry, 28.40; Crow, 29.23; Julian, 28.51 and Bogie 29.07.

The race was Crossley's with no stop and no trouble. Going great guns, and getting every inch of power out of his model, he went past the Start in fine style to start his last lap.

Romaine had given the O.K. signal - Crossley just went on his way. Travelling behind them was Sherry, but a superhuman effort would be needed to catch Crossley. M. Sunderland (Norton) pulled in to say that his bottom gear had gone, and his gearbox was loose, but he wired it up. Sunderland has ridden 14 races and has finished in 13 of them, and he said he would finish the distance to-day if he had to push the ---- thing round, which was another instance of the spirit and sportsmanship which permeates the Manx Grand Prix. Spectators at Handley's Corner had quite a shock when D. Tynan (Norton) came round too fast. He struck the wall, but managed to stay on the machine and carried on without stopping.

Thrill of the race was when David Lay reported that Romaine had nearly parted company with his model at Brandish Corner. He fought his machine out of a terrific wobble, and tore down towards Hillberry at a fast speed, but not as fast as he had done on previous laps. Soon he came through, just as Crossley was reported as having completed the long mountain climb safely. Then Romaine was signalled as having finished the race although he was not the winner, as he started before Crossley. Soon Crossley came through to complete the race in 2 hrs. 44 mins. 30.6 secs., at an average speed of 82.589 m.p.h. His victory was gained by the narrowest of margins from Romaine, whose average speed was 82.389 m.p.h.

The press Secretary stated that Crossley had four pints of petrol and plenty of oil left as a result of his non-stop race.
After being on the leader board throughout the race, Sherry packed up at the 33rd milestone with gearbox trouble, only a few miles from home. When the announcement was made there were murmurs of sympathy from those on the stand.
P. H. Carter (Norton) pushed his machine from Hillberry and David Lay at that point said that D. E .R. Morgan (A.J.S) had been pushed, by another rider passing him in an incorrect manner, into the gutter, but Morgan by superb skill had kept on his machine.


Peveril Win Team Prize
Fifty-eight men finished the race and of those 14 got Replicas for finishing within eleven-tenths of the winner’s time. The first two men beat the race record set up by Cromie McCandless last year, but his lap record of 27 mind. 7.4 secs., remained intact, although Peter Romaine got within three-fifths of a second of it.
The Peveril "A" team won the club team prize for which 15 teams competed, and their successful riders, Don Crossley, Dennis Christian and Roger Hunt, finished 1st, 11th and 32nd respectively. The prizes were presented by His Worship the Mayor (Councillor T. Radcliffe) in the Palace Ballroom in the evening.

Besides the winner, D, G. Crossley, three Manx riders finished the race. R. V. Hunt (Norton) returned a time of 3 hrs 7 mins. 10 secs., D. Christian (Norton) a time of 2 hrs. 58mins. 55 secs., and J. J. Wood (Norton) 3hrs. 5 mins. 39 secs, J. W. Moore retired on the second lap, H. J. Mills on the fifth, A. R. Capner on the sixth with a broken leg after a crash, and M. R. McGeagh on the third lap.

A .R. Capner, 21- year-old motor mechanic in Douglas, was making his debut in the race, having graduated, as it were from the scoreboard where, in his youth, as a boy scout he used to help work the competitors’ position clocks, came off at Laurel Bank in the sixth lap and fractured a leg. Other injured riders were W. J. Netherwood (A.J.S), who fractured a finger when he came off at Glen Helen after doing well and appearing on the leader board and T. H. Hodgson (A.J.S) who fractured a wrist and had injuries to the right knee when he came off at Sarah's Cottage. L. Perks (Velocette) fractured a knee cap when he came off at the Brickworks on the run into Ramsey.

On the last lap Leo Starr (A.J.S) collided with the wall at May Hill. He remounted and finished the race. On being examined at the Grandstand, it was found that he had cracked a collar bone and he was taken to Noble's Hospital for treatment.

Twenty-year-old Peter Romaine, Rolls Royce apprentice from Derby, has had a meteoric career in road racing. In an impressive Manx Grand Prix debut last year he finished fourth in the Junior Race and sixth in the Senior on the same machine, winning two replicas and the Newcomer's Trophy. He has also met with much success at mainland meetings, and to-day set the seal on his short racing career.


1Crossley, Don2:44:30.0082.59AJS
2Romaine, Peter2:44:55.0082.39Norton
3Julian, Cyril2:55:10.0077.57Velocette
4Bogie, David2:56:01.0077.19Velocette
5Howth, Aminar2:56:17.0077.06AJS
6Jackson, J.F.2:56:21.0077.06Velocette
7Stephen, Harry2:56:28.0077AJS
8Bennett, David2:56:49.0076.84Norton
9Griffiths, Cyril2:57:02.0076.74AJS
10Robinson, G.W.2:58:44.0076.01Velocette
11Christian, Dennis2:58:55.0075.92Norton
12Brassington, Arthur2:59:16.0075.79AJS
13Brown, Arthur D. (Buster)3:00:16.0075.37AJS
14Brookes, John3:00:27.0075.29Norton
15Moss, P.3:01:29.0074.87AJS
16Dolby, Jesse3:01:37.0074.81Velocette
17Andrews, Edwin3:01:52.0074.72Norton
18Morgan, Dennis3:02:07.0074.6AJS
19Herbert, Angus3:03:05.0074.2AJS
20Morley, Derek3:03:06.0074.19BSA
21Toher, A.A.P.3:03:39.0073.98AJS
22Starr, Leo3:03:48.0073.92Norton
23Ward, Dick3:03:56.0073.87Velocette
24Simister, Philip3:05:05.0073.4AJS
25Darbishire, J.G.3:05:27.0073.26Norton
26Wood, Jack3:05:39.0073.18Norton
27Jowett, N.3:05:41.0073.17Velocette
28Whelan, Don3:05:50.0073.11AJS
29Pratt, P.L.3:06:06.0073Velocette
30Taylor, Alan C.3:06:10.0072.98AJS
31Smith, A.M.S.3:07:06.0072.62Norton
32Hunt, Roger V.3:07:10.0072.6Velocette
33Boynton, John3:09:05.0071.87BSA
34White, N.W.3:09:41.0071.62Velocette
35Henderson, George3:11:50.0070.83AJS
36Waddington, Ken3:13:42.0070.14AJS
37Cox, Hedley3:14:37.0069.81Velocette
38Fearnhead, J.K.3:15:23.0069.54Norton
39Hilditch, Fred3:16:30.0069.14Norton
40Goodwin, E.3:16:42.0069.06Norton
41Tynan, Donald3:16:51.0069.02Norton
42Walters, E.3:17:20.0068.85AJS
43Clark, John3:17:22.0068.84Douglas
44Crossley, Jim3:18:41.0068.38Norton
45Jones, G.H.3:19:31.0068.1AJS
46Wastell, Rex3:20:50.0067.65Norton
47Carter, Phil3:22:48.0066.99Norton
48Crow, Jim3:24:49.0066.33Velocette
49Davenport, A.F.3:25:20.0066.17AJS
50Rogers, H.3:26:35.0065.76Norton
51Wilson, J.S.3:27:04.0065.61Velocette
52Jenness, Bill3:28:14.0065.24Norton
53Bennison, W.3:30:26.0064.56BSA
54Walsh, Pat3:33:04.0063.58Norton
55Seston, Sam3:35:35.0063.01Norton
56Sunderland, Milton3:38:16.0062.25Norton
57Wilde, L.J.3:40:05.0061.73BSA
58Hunter, J.B.T.3:42:02.0061.19Velocette
RBradshaw, D.N.Norton
RCapner, RoyNorton
RCronan, H.J.Norton
RDearden, RegNorton
REwer, GeorgeAJS
RNorris, FrankVelocette
R=Fisher, CharlesAJS
RHodgson, TomAJS
RHoward, W.AJS
RLord, H.Norton
RLucas, R.M.Velocette
RMcGeagh, MichaelVelocette
RMeier, R.R.AJS
RNetherwood, JohnAJS
RPenton, H.R.AJS
RPerks, L.Velocette
RPratt, BobVelocette
RRickard, K.AJS
RRudge, RonDouglas
RSimpson, G.Rudge
RStorr, D.A.AJS
RStorr, JohnVelocette
RSwallow, KenNorton
RTempleton, MalcolmAJS
RTyson, H.T.Velocette
RWeston, P.H.Rudge
RWestwood, L.Norton
RWhittaker, H.AJS
RWillis, KenNorton
RWoods, A.W.B.Velocette
RZealand, A.W.Norton
RClark, HaroldNorton
RMills, HerbieVelocette
RSmith, JohnAJS
RSherry, RobinAJS
RMoore, J.W.AJS
RMundy, BillNorton
RThomson, J.A.Norton
RJackson, BrianBSA
RGraham, E.Norton


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